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Sceptical in a sentence

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Synonym: disbelievingdoubtingquestioningskepticalunbelievingSimilar words: susceptibleinceptionreceptionperceptionexceptiondeceptivedeceptionperceptibleMeaning: ['skeptɪkl] adj. 1. marked by or given to doubt 2. denying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion. 
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1. They remained openly sceptical about her promises of improvement.
2. They should be sceptical of exaggerated claims for what such courses can achieve.
3. Other archaeologists are sceptical about his findings.
4. I'm extremely sceptical about what I read in the press.
5. Many were sceptical as to whether the plan would succeed.
6. He is very sceptical about the value of rote learning.
7. I'm rather sceptical about their professed sympathy for the poor.
8. The experi-ence has left him sceptical about efforts at conciliation.
9. The public remain sceptical of these claims.
10. His eyes held a sceptical gleam.
11. Environmental groups are sceptical of the government's claims.
12. He is highly sceptical of the reforms.
13. 'You can trust me,' he said. Jane looked sceptical.
14. Many experts remain sceptical about/of his claims.
15. My assurances don't satisfy him: he's still sceptical.
16. I am sceptical about his chances of winning.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. He is deeply sceptical about the value of teaching poetry.
18. I am rather sceptical about their professed sympathy for the poor.
19. If you're still sceptical about exercising, we can only ask you to trust us and give it a try.
20. They are highly sceptical of political leaders.
21. He's a little sceptical about the prospects for straw-based chocolate cake.
22. Personally, I am sceptical about Jose's view that the press has such power to mislead and to be always believed.
23. Many Sri Lankans are sceptical of the government's instant solution to the murder.
24. Luckily, Mr Clarke has a combative, sceptical personality.
25. Sceptical, I quickly learnt, is not considered an asset in the low-wage service sector.
26. However, others are more sceptical of the significance of merely more women in positions of influence in the state.
27. Others were sceptical about his conclusions, and his methods.
28. Some, like Faraday, were highly sceptical but prepared to try an experiment or two.
29. How then are we to find a conception of mental states other than that on which the sceptical argument trades?
30. In the West we have suffered a generation of sceptical engineering by stealth.
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