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Quasi-religious in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2018-07-11Updated:2018-07-11
Similar words: religiousreligious beliefreligiouslyirreligiousreligiousnessreligious ritereligious orderreligious ritualMeaning: adj. resembling something that is religious. 
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1) The flame is a quasi-religious emblem of immortality.
2) These musicians were less secular stars than quasi-religious figures, and their fans often referred to them with godly reverence.
3) In the 60s many people brought a quasi-religious zeal to their calling.
4) There's a quasi-religious,[] Gospel feel about it all as grown women clap and cheer.
5) Falun Gong, a quasi-religious sect, outlawed as a threat to stability.
6) Or has it become a matter of quasi-religious fanaticism for you?
7) In the book -- with the quasi-religious title, you may have noticed -- Hawking says that he doesn't believe a God lit "the blue touch paper and set the Universe going."
8) In a sense, the quasi-religious mystique of royalty came full circle with Diana.
9) The Cosmists would take a quasi-religious view that they are god builders.
10) Then creationism should stop using quasi-religious pseudoscience to do so.
11) The radio had Christmas music which often she did not like, huge oratorios and quasi-religious peculiar plays.
12) Confucianism of the Han dynasty after the scheduled one, has a quasi-religious nature, Jun division one, in fact play the role of politics and religion.
13) In the past, most were attached to Buddhist temples, or run by former nuns or monks, makingeating in them a quasi-religious experience that did not always appeal inlargely atheist China.
14) The notion of a largely untouched pristine environment has become a quasi-religious idol for many.
15) Speaking of the Post, don't you imagine that owner Rupert Murdoch, who hates the Times in a quasi-religious way, is chuckling over having beaten them to market by a day?
16) They are speaking the language of some kind of religious or quasi-religious desecration.
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