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Overthrow in a sentence

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Synonym: defeatdestroydethroneovercomeoverpoweroverturnunseatupsetSimilar words: over thereall over the worldthrowthrow offthrow upthrow awaypovertyovercrowdedMeaning: [‚əʊvə(r)θrəʊ] n. 1. the termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force) 2. the act of disturbing the mind or body. v. 1. cause the downfall of; of rulers 2. rule against. random good picture
1. Security forces have uncovered a plot to overthrow the government.
2. They'd conspired to overthrow the government.
3. They con spired to overthrow the Government.
4. Rebels were already making plans to overthrow the government.
5. The overthrow of the regime was followed by a period of anarchy.
6. In 1986, a bloodless overthrow brought an army officer to power.
7. The group aims to overthrow the military government.
8. The overthrow of the military regime was followed by a period of anarchy.
9. The plot to overthrow the military government was foiled .
10. They were plotting to overthrow the government.
11. The rebel factions made common cause to overthrow the regime.
12. They colluded with terrorists to overthrow the government.
13. They designed a plot to overthrow the government.
14. The organization was dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism.
15. The rebels tried to overthrow the government.
16. Unknownforces were at work to overthrow the government.
17. They were plotting the overthrow of the government.
18. The army is plotting the overthrow of the government.
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19. They were charged with plotting the overthrow of the state.
20. The revolution caused the overthrow of the autocracy.
21. The king went into exile after the overthrow of his government.
22. The rebels hatched a plot to overthrow the government.
23. After the overthrow of the government,[] the country was in chaos.
24. Its overthrow was a necessary precursor of, and possibly stimulus to, the theories Charles Darwin was developing a century later.
25. I was startled at the news that 129 persons were killed last Sunday in the attempt by rebel air force officers to overthrow the government in the capital.
26. Prosecutors in the trial allege the defendants plotted to overthrow the government.
27. The rebellious officers, having seized the radio station, broadcast the news of the overthrow of the monarchy.
28. He is serving a 15 - year sentence for his alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow the government.
29. These feelings are likely to make people attempt to overthrow the system.
30. Given a real cause to fight for, hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens would volunteer to help overthrow Stalin.
More similar words: over thereall over the worldthrowthrow offthrow upthrow awaypovertyovercrowdedneverthelessover and overthroatthroughbathroomgo throughthroughoutall throughget throughother thanput throughcome throughfall throughcut throughrun throughrather thanpass throughlook throughpull throughcarry throughbreak throughin order that
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