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Osteogenic in a sentence

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1 Methods The imaging findings of 9 cases of osteogenic sarcoma in distal part of femur proved by pathology were analyzed retrospectively.
2 The conventional treatment of osteogenic sarcoma is a high amputation as well as disarticulation.
3 When cultured in adipogenic, osteogenic or chondrogenic media, cells differentiated into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes respectively.
4 METHODS: Immunochemistry technique was used to detect the osteogenic protein-1 in human pulp tissue.
5 The osteogenic differentiated cells were positive for alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and the adipogenic differentiated cells displayed accumulation of lipid vacuoles, as detected by oil red O.
6 Objective To investigate early clinical manifestations of osteogenic sarcoma to help establishment of an early diagnosis of the disease.
7 Osteogenic ability of osteoblasts of 3 different sources was POB ? COB and BMSC in order.
8 Objective:To investigate the effect of Astralus on the osteogenic capacity of calvarium osteoblasts in vitro.
9 Meanwhile ,( the cells osteogenic differentiation was examined by ALP staining.
10 An antimicrobial osteogenic bioceramic combined with chitosan, ceftriaxone sodium, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) and calcium phosphate cement(CPC) was synthesized and studied.
11 Objective To investigate the proliferative and osteogenic activity of periosteal osteoblasts (POB), calvarial osteoblasts (COB) and bone marrow stromal cells (MSC) from the same embryo.
12 This method has a special Curative effect on bone tuberculosis and osteogenic sarcoma.
13 My diagnosis is that you have a malignant tumor osteogenic sarcoma.
14 Methods:MTT assay was used to determine the inhibitory effects of HMBA, taxol and HMBA combined with taxol on human osteogenic sarcoma cell line OS 9901 in vitro .
15 On cellular level, the fraction of ethyl acetate could promote osteogenic differentiation and showed no inhibition on adipogenic differentiation of MSCs.
16 Objective To study the effect of tretinoin on cellular proliferation and differentiation with human osteogenic sarcoma cell.
17 This is an osteosarcoma ( a variant known as parosteal osteogenic sarcoma ) of bone.
18 Objective To investigate the effects of fullerenes (C60)-glycin derivatives on the growth of mouse osteogenic sarcoma cells and the mechanism.
19 Li: My diagnosis is that you have a malignant tumor osteogenic sarcoma.
20 This femur has a large eccentric tumor mass arising in the metaphyseal region. This is an osteosarcoma (a variant known as parosteal osteogenic sarcoma) of bone.
21 This paper is aimed at discussing the nursing experiences of a teenager during the radiotherapy for osteogenic sarcoma.
22 Furthermore, cell phenotypic characteristics were analyzed by flow cytometry and the differentiation along adipogenic and osteogenic pathways were assessed by histological staining in vitro.
23 Objectives:To study the inhibitory effect of hexamethylene bisacetamide (HMBA)combined with taxol on human osteogenic sarcoma cell line OS 9901.
24 However, by removing the effects of proliferation from the experiment, AMSCs no longer out-performed BMSCs in their ability to undergo osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation.
25 Soft matrices that mimic brain are neurogenic, stiffer matrices that mimic muscle are myogenic , and comparatively rigid matrices that mimic collagenous bone prove osteogenic.
26 At the distal part of femur in fetus age of 30 weeks, a cluster of lump-like osteogenic cell, osteoblast and basophlous osteoid filled among cells appeared at the secondary ossification center.
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