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Id in a sentence

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Sentence count:188+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
Meaning: [aɪd] n. 1. a state in the Rocky Mountains 2. a card or badge used to identify the bearer 3. (psychoanalysis) primitive instincts and energies underlying all psychic activity. random good picture
1. I'll need to see some ID before I can let you in.
2. Without you? Id be a soul without a purpose. Without you?Id be an emotion without a heart. Im a face,without expression, A heart with no beat. Without you by my side, Im just a flame without the heat. Elle Kimberly Schmick.
3. You must carry ID at all times.
4. A sentry checked the ID card's authenticity then activated the electronic turnstile.
5. He had to go to the morgue to ID the body.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. Discounts only on production of your student ID card.
7. I had no ID on me so I couldn't prove I was the owner of the car.
8. Looking at the keys and an ID card named Paul Kinkaid, something seemed to hit him.
9. Have you got any ID? A driving licence or cheque card will do.
10. Police are still looking for someone who can ID the body.
11. But such an identification was probably more than merely an exercise in wish-fulfilment by the ego on behalf of the id.
12. McCready handed over his ID card.
13. Check that the Mail Id in the file specified after this message for successful completion.
14. We believe, puritanically, that if we control the id everything will be all right.
15. Workers have been told to carry employee ID cards at all times.
16. Whitlock used his personal ID card to activate the lift and tapped his foot apprehensively as he waited for it to arrive.
17. Leitzig fed his ID card into one of the steel doors.
18. Most businesses will compete globally iD. a rapidly changing world.
19. You have to have proof of residence in the state of Texas, such as a Texas ID card.
20. Some customers get huffy when you ask them for their ID.
21. Discounts will only be given on production of your student ID card.
22. The police need a witness to make a positive ID.
23. We live for ever in history, outside ego and id.
24. He was sixteen and would turn pro in one year with the aid of a fake ID.
25. That security guy never recognizes me. I always have to show him my ID.
26. The motel clerk mistrusted Beattie because he didn't have any ID.
27. But critics say the provision heralds a totalitarian-style national ID card.
28. Two police officers burst in, the latter hurriedly flashing his ID card at her as they made their way upstairs.
29. Yet this is exactly the behavioural propensity of the id uncovered by clinical psychoanalysis.
30. The key effectively defines a generic heading which contains an integer value for each possible component of a textual identifier.
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