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Hyperaemia in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-05-16Updated:2018-05-16
Similar words: hyperglycaemiahypoglycaemiahyperemiahyperkalemiahypernatremiahypercalcemiahyperglycemiahyperlipidemiaMeaning: n. increased blood in an organ or other body part. 
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1. The effect that what cures does ulcer of hyperaemia of eyeball of fluorescent element cross - eye have?
2. If he was asleep when hyperaemia , the likelihood produces nocturnal emission.
3. Pathology change sees esophagus mucous membrane hyperaemia , oedema, become fragile, easy haemorrhage, very person erosion and ulcer, stricture of esophagus of as a result, contracture.
4. While histopathological changes indicated that hyperaemia in hepar, hepatic cord in hepar arranged mussily, granular degenerate in cytoplasm, lymphocytes in spleen multiplicated.
5. Results The right lung showed obvious hyperaemia, congestion and edema and with extensive blood extravasation and destruction of tissues, but only edema was seen in the left lung.
6. Hyperaemia of face of acute period patient shows cherry red .
7. Did I get chronic hyperaemia should be where of respect of food of sinusitis of oozy sex stomach banned eat?
8. Methods A non-invasive high-resolution ultrasound was used to detect the flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) and the change of blood flow volume of reactive hyperaemia in SDH and the control.
9. Results The main symptoms of exanthematous typhus in children were fever and pharyngeal hyperaemia.
10. When the clinical watch of deep caries is existing easy as phlogistic as dental pulp of sex of dental pulp hyperaemia, chronic closedown , dental pulp is necrotic (gangrenous) interblend confuse.
11. See more at dental caries deeper patient, the bacteria enters dental pulp antrum from caries hole, cause tooth nerve hyperaemia , inflammation.
12. Turn over wrapping, see the face inside wrapping and glans hyperaemia erosion, have ooze liquid, bleed even.
13. Nano red elemental selenium obviously alleviated the histopathologic changes including liver hyperaemia, claude swelling, fatty degeneration and necrosis.
14. Before female physiology is periodic because of pelvic antrum hyperaemia, uterus greatens oppress lower limbs, influence blood circulates and cause oedema.
15. Next glossa body is intumescent, show vermeil (pinkish red) , at the same time strut of bacterium shape tit, hyperaemia.
16. At the same time genital official expression is phallic blood-vessel to hyperaemia and muscle contract and erect.
17. Spot of oral cavity mucous membrane is not shown mostly, can see oral cavity mucous membrane only coarse,( hyperaemia .
18. Mucous membrane blood-vessel congests , have a qualitative haemorrhage occasionally, serious person mucous membrane lower level also has oedema and hyperaemia.
19. The skin can have palpebral convulsion after erosion agent and eye contact, conjunctiva oedema, hyperaemia, serious person for corneal ulcer.
20. Does retinal burst fall off what reason is pang of the hyperaemia after the operation?
21. The subsidise that body sex reacts, wait like pelvic cavity hyperaemia , be in 20 to 30 minutes inside progressively subsidise, the body restores at ordinary times condition.
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