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Drawers in a sentence

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Sentence count:184+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-25Updated:2017-08-25
Similar words: drawerat daggers drawnoveraweoveraweddraw strawsdrawdrawldrawnMeaning: ['drɔːə] n. 1. underpants worn by men 2. underpants worn by women. random good picture
1. I've asked the children to clean out their drawers.
2. She rummaged in/through all the drawers, looking for a pen.
3. I rummaged all the drawers before I found my ballpoint pen.
4. The drawers slide in and out easily.
5. We turned out all the cupboards and drawers and found things we hadn't seen for years.
6. Please line the drawers with clean paper after you have emptied them.
7. Scent your drawers and wardrobe with your favourite aromas.
8. I've been raking through my drawers looking for those tickets.
9. They searched all the drawers for the missing paper.
10. Line the drawers with paper before you use them.
11. All the drawers were stuffed full of letters and papers.
12. The drawers were all filled to the brim.
13. His clothes are all neatly folded in their drawers.
14. She rummaged in the desk drawers for her notebook.
15. The contents of the drawers were strewn all over the place.
16. These drawers are full of rubbish; it's time I had a good turn - out.
17. I had to hunt through all my drawers looking for the old photograph.
18. He rooted about in all his drawers and found the lost ball-pen at last.
19. The police came in and started nosing into drawers and looking through papers.
20. My clothes are all higgledy-piggledy in my drawers.
21. None of the drawers were true.
22. I lined the drawers with old wallpaper.
23. Everything is filed away in drawers.
24. If he catches you going through his drawers there'll be the devil to pay!
25. What do you think you are doing,[sentence dictionary] rummaging through my drawers?
26. The door swung inwards to crash against a chest of drawers behind it.
27. I don't like to go rummaging through other people's drawers.
28. I had stacked my shirts and underclothes in two empty drawers.
29. I pulled a muscle in my back lifting some drawers.
30. Here also everything seemed to be normal until he started opening drawers and looking into cupboards.
More similar words: drawerat daggers drawnoveraweoveraweddraw strawsdrawdrawldrawndraw indraw updraw ondraw offdraw outdrawingdrawdowndraw backdrawbackdraw lotsoverdrawdraw intodraw nearwithdrawdraw closeoverdrawndraw a linedrawing offwithdrawndraw the linedrawbridgedraw a blank
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