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Down-time in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2019-01-10Updated:2019-01-10
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1. On the production line, downtime has been reduced from 55% to 26%.
2. Downtime in Hollywood can cost a lot of money.
3. Griffin output fell because of maintenance and downtime associated with cyclone Gertie.
4. They involve design, materials, coordination, downtime on equipment, and evaluation.
5. Needing less downtime than my subject, I have plenty of spare energy.
6. There is a lot of downtime in organized labor, waiting for meetings to start.
7. They are relatively expensive items - but not compared to plant downtime.
8. Downtime is not consistent with many of the applications envisioned for the I-way.
9. If the provider has a single connection to the outside world, ask how often it fails and the length of downtime.
10. The group intends to have System V achieve a downtime of about five minutes a year by 1999.
11. Anyone working in an office setting knows this is a period of extreme downtime when little gets done.
12. down-time: Non - productive time when a machine is being maintained or made ready.
13. Plan some down-time. Take an afternoon off – or a whole weekend. If you plan ahead, you'll have it to look forward to (and you're more likely to actually hold yourself to it).
14. My unit passed our down-time in Sangin rewatching Band of Brothers, which, far from being morbid or unnerving, was a good way of getting perspective on our current conflicts.
15. Snapshot technology can effectively reduce the down-time needed to perform conventional copy operations in the storage subsystem.
16. The first down-time estimate was a day or so,( then it became months.
17. The virtual conference saved hundreds of thousands (in US$) in travel and conference costs and eliminated travel "down-time" for participants.
18. In a situation where a HD fails, you have a full backup on your second HD, and will minimize server down-time.
19. If you have lots of LPARs on a frame, the down-time required for the restore may not be palatable in some case, such as if you have systems that are not clustered for High Availability.
20. Simple design allows an effortless means of maintaining the valve with minimal down-time.
21. Having multiple replicas also provides the project a failsafe mechanism to minimize project down-time and rework in the event of a server outage.
22. An effective preventive maintenance plan for your UPS and batteries saves both time and money by preventing costly down-time and extending the useful lifespan of your equipment.
23. Snapshot is a major technology for online hot backup, it can effectively reduce the down-time needed to perform conventional copy operations in the storage subsystem.
24. They are made of solid, high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum - eliminating down-time caused by welded steel bridge failures.
25. For instance, an I/O upgrade in a rack-mount server requires a card swap which takes more time and effort and also requires system down-time.
26. Numerical control, however, offers more flexibility, lower tooling cost. Quicker changes, and less machine down-time.
27. It is less invasive than surgery and associated post-procedure down-time is minimal.
28. The academy notes that creative development in children is spurred by down-time, when kids can dream and explore and must find ways to fill time on their own.
29. Some of my best solutions to work-related problems have come to me during down-time.
30. Don't dwell on purchases or amounts, says Nusbaum, but each express what's behind your spending, like helping family or enjoying down-time.
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