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Calorimetric in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
Similar words: calorimetrycalorimeterbomb calorimetercolorimetrycolorimetercaloriccaloricitymetricalMeaning: adj. of or relating to the measurement of heat. 
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1. Then the principle of AC calorimetric method and its experiment technology were described in detail.
2. A calorimetric system which was made by the combination of Differential Thermal Analysis(DTA) and Gas Chromatography for measuring adsorption heat is described in this paper.
3. The accuracy of cutting heat measurement by the calorimetric method was finally evaluated by comparing the total cutting heat flux with the power resulting from the main cutting force.
4. Flow-DTA adsorptive calorimetric system constructed by the combination of Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) and Gas Chromatograph is described in this paper.
5. A set of conduction type high temperature calorimetric system for measurement of heat sink of endothermic fuels has been developed.
6. Microcalorimetry techniques are often required when performing calorimetric experiments with small sample sizes or slow heating rates.
7. To overcome defects of the calorimetric method and actual enthalpy drop method introduced is a concept of the apportionment according to quality of thermification power generation cold source loss.
8. The polarized light microscope and differential scanning calorimetric measurement indicate: the lower the isotacticity the highter the crystallinity and the better the splerical crystal.
9. The comparison of the calorimetric behavior of H/Pd and D/Pd systems shows that there is "excess heat" in the D/Pd system.
10. All three of these enthalpies can be determined experimentally by calorimetric methods.
11. These results indicate that the newly developed automatic adiabatic calorimeter has the ability to imolement the high precision calorimetric measurements.
12. This paper describes the principle and experiment setup of AC calorimetric method for measuring thermal diffusivity of SiO 2 thin films.
13. The effect of solid-state polycondensation ( SSP ) process on the melting behavior of PET was studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC) measurement.
14. A total hemispherical emittance measurement apparatus by means of the transient calorimetric technique with a microcomputer is described.
15. Considering the attenuation of ultrasound, the actual sound power of several different frequencies and different power ultrasonic in the liquid was determined by using the calorimetric method.
16. Based on the theoretical discussion above, hardware and software of an automated test system for thermal diffusivity of thin films based on ac calorimetric method were designed and constructed.
17. A test system of thermal diffusivity of thin films based on AC calorimetric method was described, which carried out automated measurement of thermal diffusivity of thin films.
18. The interaction between T4 phage and host cells was determined by titration calorimetric method, and the early information of T4 phage infection and penetration were got.
19. The testing methods about cooling-constant and quantity of heat-exchange between the calorimetric system and its environment are introduced.
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20. Copper (II) paratolysulfate has been synthesized and characterized by thermo-gravimetric (TG) measurements and differential scanning calorimetric (DSC) analysis.
21. A new infrared temperature measure system based on the calorimetric method has been developed to survey the welding temperature field in real time.
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