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Astigmatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: astigmatismstigmatizeenigmaticstigmadogmaticpragmaticphlegmaticcastigationMeaning: [‚æstɪg'mætɪk] adj. of or relating to a defect in the eye or in a lens caused by a deviation from spherical curvature which prevents light rays from meeting at a common focus and so results in distorted images. random good picture
1. the change of astigmatic axial.
2. The astigmatic cavities bounded by crossed cylindrical mirrors with a piece of medium is studied by using matrix optics method.
3. Taking a laser beam of astigmatic aberration as an example, the state of the laser beam compensating system can be given by the axial hologram of the laser beam.
4. The resonator ( astigmatic ) can be compensated by inserting a suitable thickness Brewster plate in the cavity.
5. Two detectors are used both in conventional differential astigmatic device and the device given in this paper.
6. The characteristics of three dimensional astigmatic beams were discussed by using their second order intensity moments.
7. Using astigmatic method to extract information of light source in z axis.
8. In this paper, transformation of astigmatic Hermite cosh Gaussian beams through an optical symmetrizing system is studied.
9. The astigmatic cavity with a cylindrical lenis studied by using matrix optics method.
10. The thermometer is high precision, durable, astigmatic, waterproof, and anticorrosive etc.
11. The astigmatic microstructures and condensing microstructures are radial arranged on out-light surface or in-light surface of the board.
12. In the IOU designs, the astigmatic and knife-edge methods were respectively adopted as the focusing servo mechanism.
13. Possibility of producing image-plane holograms of astigmatic system is analyzed theoretically, and verified experimentally.
14. The majority of mixed astigmatic eyes changed into myopic astigmatism after 3 years.
15. It is proved that astigmatic labor relations affect competitive advantage and long-term profitability of the firms.
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16. The main causes of astigmatic change included mi-croperforations, irregular incisions, incisions across the central optical zone and various depths of incisions, etc.
17. Astigmatic microstructures contain several cambered surface transmission microstructures, each of the cambered surface transmission microstructures possess an arc convex surface.
18. The LD astigmatic Gaussian beams transformation through SML is studied by the use of Collins formula and matrix optics. The beam intensity function is given.
19. A position detector and 3 beams of ray are used to measure the prismatic, spherical and astigmatic powers.
20. In view of the above, the transformation properties of astigmatic elliptic Gaussian beams are analysed overall, the exact formulas of correcting astigmatism and rotary symmetrize transformation.
21. Results There were positive correlations between the length of axis and myopic degree , and astigmatic degree .
22. These results afford some references for the design and analysis of complex astigmatic cavities.
23. OBJECTIVE: To observe the visual acuities, complications in and after surgery, the astigmatic after the foldable Iol implantation.
24. From the propagation theory of partially coherent light, spectral anomalies and spectral switches of Gaussian Schell-model beams focused by an astigmatic aperture lens are studied.
25. The objective of this thesis is to discuss the microfabrication of three kinds of diffractive optical elements, namely, collimator, beam splitter, and astigmatic lens.
26. Method Based on optical and mathematic principle, the relationship between astigmatic dials test result and astigmatism axis was calculated out as a formula.
27. The results show that the annular beams become non-rotational symmetric after passing through an astigmatic lens.
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