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DMA in a sentence

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1) In the present paper, DSC and DMA were used to study the segment compatiblity-morphology-property relationships in segmented polyurethanes of different soft segments.
2) Transferring data using DMA will occupy less CPU resource , synchronously obtain higher response speed of the system and higher copying speed.
3) Direct memory access, DMA, is a method used to bypass the CPU in these transfers, thus performing them much more quickly.
4) The hardware chapter introduces the external memory module and video I/O module, programs video-driver for the DM642 by using CSL, discuss the applications of interrupt and direct memory access (DMA).
5) The SPEs access main storage with direct memory access (DMA) commands that move data and instructions between main storage and a private local memory, called a local store or local storage (LS).
6) The engine of data channel is DMA controller. We make use of the Chain ModeDMA strategy, and enhance the bandwidth performance of data.
7) Therefore, if a DMA operation was in progress , it isn't interrupted. If no , goto 11.
8) The first copy (see Figure 1) is performed by the direct memory access (DMA) engine, which reads file contents from the disk and stores them into a kernel address space buffer.
9) A method and apparatus for high performance volatile disk drive (VDD) memory access using an integrated direct memory access (DMA) engine.
10) The analysis of DMA shows that the PU/EP LIPN is molecule interpenetration.
11) The advantages of DMA technology mainly include high speed of transmission, low extra consumption of CPU and system.
12) PCM digital channel have owns DMA, It can playback automatically when voice data length and initial address are set.
13) Designed a simple DMA interface with ISP device make up a microprocessor system that without DMA function proceed high-speed sample data.
14) The way of DMA can improve the speed of transmission , and the efficiency of CPU and the system.
15) DMA technology is another similar kind of mechanism that can perform the memory transfer without the CPU assistance.
16) double-word mode allows the DMA to transfer 32 - bit words in any index mode.
17) Besides, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and thermal gravitational analysis(TGA)were also performed for the polymer from this novel kind of benzoxazine.
18) The DMA is used to transmit the data between the inner storage and outer equipment in fast speed.
19) DMA controller was used to transfer network data frame directly between the TRI and exterior SRAM without the interposition of embedded MCU. It can reduce the burden of MCU.
20) And the control logic of FPGA, image access via DMA are analyzed in detail.
21) At last, the print picture of Spray-paint Graph Plotter is given in DMA mode in this paper.
22) It consists of an 8-bit 6502 CPU (without support for decimal mode, also known as BCD), DMA transfer unit, pseudo audio processing unit, 1/12 clock divider, and a bit of logic for address decoding.
23) The external memory bus may be isolated from MCU and the bus is released to the DMA controller.
24) Note that all of the declared variables which will be copied using DMA are aligned on quadword boundaries and are multiples of quadwords.
25) Cache incoherency means that the cache is unaware that the DMA controller has placed new words in memory.
26) Based on the characteristic of cavitation noise, the card has the features of broad band, four channels, gain adjustability, DMA transfer and consecutive sample.
27) It also includes a memory management unit ( MMU ), a debug port, and a DMA controller.
28) The essential hardwares of computer contain CPU, memory, interrupt controller , DMA controller,[] etc.
29) The use of multi-channel buffered serial port MCBSP is to achieve SPI bus (mode of) data collection, and the real-time data transmission and storage is achieved by the use of two DMA controllers .
30) Realize the interface between PCI9054 and the PCI bus, including the bus arbitration, read and write of the registers, the configuration of the EEPROM, the DMA transfer, interrupt response and so on.
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