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ARQ in a sentence

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1. Propose the research progress of H - ARQ and express the packet combing techniques in H - ARQ schemes .
2. Forward error correction (FEC) and Automatic repeat request (ARQ) schemes are two of error control strategies that have been widely used in digital communications.
3. Based on the MIMO ARQ wireless communication system, to combine the transmitting antenna selection and pre-coding, according to system capacity, this paper proposed a sub-optimal algorithm.
4. This paper proposes an Adaptive Joint Selective Repeat ARQ protocol for multiple wireless Markov channels.
5. Currently, there are three kinds of reliability protection mechanisms in WSN, including forward error correction coding(FEC), Automatic Repeat-reQuest (ARQ)[], and multi-path routing.
6. Adaptive Joint Selective Repeat ARQ, together with Multiple Acknowledgement, can serve future wireless networks as radio link protocol.
7. Automatic repeat request (ARQ) schemes and transport control protocol (TCP) are often used as error-control techniques at the link layer and at the transport layer, respectively.
8. While ARQ performs very high reliability and adapts the diversity of transmission channel.
9. Simulation results show that performance of ARQ system based on AM is better than that of fixed modulation system.
10. An incremental redundancy hybrid ARQ ( HARQ ) scheme based on structured semi - random LDPC codes is introduced.
11. Automatic repeat request ( ARQ ) schemes have been widely applied to many digital communication systems, especially, computer communication networks ...
12. In-Order-Delivery of ARQ adds resequencing delay to packets' link transmission time.
13. Introduces ALOHA access protocol, ARQ technology, contention resolution, Quasi-realtime telecommunication based on single LEO satellite and MAC frame structure.
14. Hybrid ARQ technology is the combination of FEC ( forward error correction ) and ARQ ( automatic repeat request ).
15. In this scheme, FEC combined with ARQ and RS ( 63,47 ) code are adopted.
16. The undetected error probability of block cedes is an important parameter in automatic repeat request (ARQ) systems.
17. In this paper, a part repeat ARO error control system of combined continuous transmission pattern with SW ARQ pattern is considered.
18. The paper proposed a new transmission scheme in cooperative communication system based on best relay selection: cooperative ARQ scheme for two-hop and two-relay.
19. This paper develops a congestion control method for wireless networks based on multi - reject ARQ algorithm.
20. In this paper, a self - adaptive full-duplex selective ARQ protocol and its corresponding algorithm were presented for the wireless long distance point - to - point communications.
21. According to RED algorithm, this method controls the congestion through the ARQ send window, the length of segmentation queue and the link-layer retransmission rate.
22. In order to provide reliable data transmission service on disturbed channels, a modified Go-Back-N ARQ protocol is used to retransmit data by a communication gateway.
23. The first is the forward error control ( FEC ) and the second is the automatic - repeat - request ( ARQ ).
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