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Working principle in a sentence

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Sentence count:167Posted:2019-11-03Updated:2019-11-03
Similar words: guiding principlematching principleaccounting principleaccounting principlesgenerally accepted accounting principlesworking processnetworking productsprincipleMeaning: n. a rule that is adequate to permit work to be done. 
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1, The working principle, features and installation of radar level meter are introduced.
2, The working principle and the hardware's core design of the system are introduced, which integrate gas photoionization detection, weak signal gathering, signal detection and data processing, etc.
3, The working principle of a bootstrap air cycle refrigeration components is described in detail, such as compressor, turbine, shaft and internal heat exchanger.
4, This article introduces the application effects of the working principle, tuyere ratio, hot wind furnace guts , air valve and feeding system for improving cupola design.
5, This paper introduces the working principle of voltage source with half-bridge inverter for electronic beam welder.
6, Working principle and structure of dispatcher of water press was analyzed.
7, The design consideration, main structure, working principle and techniques of analogue water level device are introduced.
8, The paper analyses the electric circuit and the working principle of the avalanche of the bipolar transistor of the pulser with a cascade connected bipolar transistor structure.
9, Describing working principle and method of new hydraulic looper control system supplied by Germany.
10, Working principle, construction and control of the burner with integrated recuperator(BICR) provided with radiant tube and developed by Kromschroeder Co. of Germany were described.
11, The paper introduces the working principle and monitoring function of high and low voltage power supply and distribution system, the detection of emergency diesel generator set, EPS and UPS.
12, This paper describes the working principle of micro pulse displacement transducer, as well as its application on moving beam balance control system of 300MN hydraulic press.
13, Firstly, the structure and the working principle of a new pump well indicator based on the microchip 89C51 are introduced in this paper.
14, This paper presents the working principle and electronic circuits of an automatic temperature monitor for refrigerating storage applications with the NTC thermistor as its sensing element.
15, This paper presented the working principle and structure of the double-action vane pump,( principle.html) analyzed its mechanism of variable displacement and characteristics of energy saving.
16, Abstract: The working principle, structure and parameters design of plasma arc generator for heat treatment are described.
17, The working principle of the induction machine with compound cage rotor is discussed in this paper at first.
18, Combining the working principle of plough and harrow in agriculture that can realize to mix and comminute all kinds of material.
19, This paper introduces mainly the structure, working principle, calibration equipment, calibration method and application of vibrating tube gas-densimeters.
20, According to the working principle of the stamping machine, the PLC program adopts the modular design method, debugged by both the off-line debugging and the on-line debugging.
21, The working principle and characteristics of hydrostatic transmission system with secondary regulation were introduced. The new system can match power perfectly during upstroke and down stroke.
22, The structure composition, working principle and design point of the machine were introduced.
23, This paper analyzed the characteristics of the pyroelectric detector based on its working principle.
24, For the execution level of controller, this paper analyzed the working principle of clutch actuator and the motor control strategy.
25, This paper describes a new type of electromotive handspike from structure and working principle and its test results.
26, A foreign advanced hydraulic shock absorber is introduced, its performance and working principle are analysed.
27, In this paper, the M/E RCS of medium-speed plant is studied, and after analysis of the working principle of the system, a feasible solution of the key technology of system embedded is put forward.
28, Combine energy technology of small arms, material technology with damage mechanism, the energy of fire assault equipment and working principle are judged by qualitative analysis.
29, Design of the hybrid energy storage system power conversion unit circuit topology, the energy storage system of the compound of the working principle and developed a digital control strategy.
30, This paper describes the design of a portable draft pressure tester and analyses its architecture and the working principle of its main module, and also discusses its accuracy.
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