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Visual system in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2018-01-08Updated:2018-01-08
Similar words: legal systemsocial systemfeudal systemimperial systemskeletal systemjudicial systempolitical systemfinancial systemMeaning: n. the sensory system for vision. 
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1 For example, our visual system maps visual space on to the surface of our visual cortex.
2 Unfortunately, your visual system can not do this.
3 Deficits in visual function following subcortical visual system lesions have been reported many times but it is difficult to interpret them.
4 At present computational models of the visual system are running ahead of our neurophysiological understanding.
5 For example, edges tend to activate the visual system more than areas of uniform brightness.
6 In the visual system of birds, colours and contrasting outlines are some of the features picked out and responded to strongly.
7 Soccer robot's visual system to the venue of the two sides of the situation are reflected in the computer, and then use computer graphics software for processing.
8 Chinese sound cue visual system and so on.
9 The wavelet coefficients are selected by Human Visual System ( HVS ) to ensure the transparence of watermarking.
10 But because your visual system interprets the two-dimensional drawing as three-dimensional reality, you see the right side "in shade" and so perceive the right-side dot as bright, even glowing.
11 This suggests information from the visual system can override attention to tactile sensation (or lack thereof) from the hands, to create an apparently impossible sensation.
12 In contrast to the visual system, the auditory system has longer subcortical pathways and more spiking synapses between the peripheral receptors and the cortex.
13 Human visual system has some basic properties.
14 Compensatory function of visual system and integrate function of vestibular system maintaining a stable posture are improved significantly in the boys of senior middle school.
15 Result 17 : The human visual system appears to devote specialized neural resources for face perception.
16 This decomposition, simulation of human visual system perception of color.
17 The quantitative assessment of the visual system in the performance of a visual task.
18 These developments have greatly enhanced our understanding of how the visual system functions.
19 We need additional, converging, evidence to show that the subcortical visual system contributes to normal vision.
20 These other sites are often referred to as the subcortical visual system.
21 The location of edges has to be reconstructed by the visual system.
22 A CBR (constant bit rate) coding algorithm based on traits of human visual system (HVS) is proposed.
23 This paper proposes a calibration method for X-ray machine combining with the visual system of a medical bone-setting robotic system.
24 Firstly,[] a watermark was embedded in low band of DWT domain according to the conceal quality of human visual system (HVS).
25 Gouras also developed many of the non-invasive methods used to assess neuronal function in mouse visual system, such as electroretinography, which measures the retina's response to light.
26 However, depending on these neurons, human visual neural system realizes operating high graphics visual dada real time and transmitting them high speed, which go so far ahead computer visual system.
27 The tectofugal pathway is the main way in birds visual system.
28 For this PhD programme I will be at high level mammalian visual system, e . g . face recognition.
29 A nature scene image color-texture feature extraction method based on human visual system(HVS) was proposed.
30 This paper puts forward the method of locating the 3D model in the screen coordinate in the design of the visual system of a submarine voyage training simulator.
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