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Vertebral artery in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2019-10-04Updated:2019-10-04
Similar words: intervertebralvertebralintervertebral discintervertebral diskvertebral canalparavertebralintravertebralvertebral columnMeaning: n. the first branch of the subclavian artery; divided into four parts. 
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1. Conclusions: The change of hemodynamics of vertebral artery was relative with cervical vertebral disease.
2. Vertebral artery hypoplasia (VAH) may influence migraines, and may also have some bearing on migrainous vertigo (MV), but the research literature is limited.
3. Conclusion: The sympathetic nerves on the vertebral artery innervate in segments and on the same side.
4. Objective To evaluate the therapeutic effect of vertebral artery occlusion for the posterior circulation unclipped aneurysms.
5. Bilateral vertebral artery in the neck MR angiography and angiography were normal.
6. Results Suboccipital segment vertebral artery consist of two parts, four vessel loops and two fibrous rings.
7. Spiral CT angiography ( SCTA ) can clearly show the vertebral artery and its adjacent structures.
8. Objective To evaluate the value of 2-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography (2D TOF MRA) diagnosis of closed vertebral artery injury.
9. Methods CT diagnosis in 22 patients with calcicification in intracranial intravertebral canal vertebral artery were retrospectively analyzed.
10. The article observed clinical curative effect of cervical spondylopathy vertebral artery type treated by chuanqiong injection.
11. Objective:To evaluate the relevant factors between the tortuosity of the vertebral artery and the injury of the vertebral artery during anterior cervical decompression.
12. Methods: Based on the usual method of establishing bilateral hemispheric ischemia model, we interdicted vertebral artery at first and total cervical artery after 24 h.
13. Method:the origin, appearance, course, and original outer diameter of the prevertebral part for vertebral artery were investigated on 114 adult cadavers.
14. The accuracy of color ultrasound for stenosis of carotid bifurcation, subclavicular artery and vertebral artery were 93.0%, 92.8% and 82.1%.
15. Conclusion:MRA can be as a screening method in diagnosis of occlusive disease of artery in carotid artery and circle of Willis,( but are not suitable for vertebral artery.
16. Results The sensitivity and specificity of color ultrasound for stenosis of carotid bifurcation, subclavicular artery and vertebral artery were 96.8%, 80.6%, 60.0% and 98.7%, 33.3%, 89.0%.
17. Clearly , there is substantial anatomic variation in the location of the vertebral artery.
18. The prediction sites of intracranial and extracranial arteriostenosis were middle cerebral artery and extracranial vertebral artery.
19. Objective : To evaluate MRA and TCD Value in vertebral Artery.
20. The arteries of the anteromedian and anterolateral groups arose from the anterior spinal artery, and also from the vertebral artery and basilar artery.
21. Conclusion:Rotational manipulation is an effective method for cervical spondylosis in vertebral artery type. The correct diagnosis and selection of indication are the key for good results.
22. Conclusion CT can clearly demonstrate calcification in intracranial intravertebral canal vertebral artery, thus improve its diagnosis.
23. Results There were 3 cases existing in the asymmetry of vertebral artery, 2 with abnormal segment, 1 directly entering the foramen magnum, and 1 invaded by tumor.
24. Lateral medullary syndrome is a group of clinical syndromes because of posterior inferior cerebellar artery or vertebral artery being involved in diseases.
25. Result:All the patients recovered well. Conclusion:The treatments of cervical spondylosis involved vertebral artery depend on different subtypes.
26. Objective To provide anatomical basis for reconstructing the first segment of vertebral artery.
27. The first zone including the nerve roots from intervertebral foramina to the trunks and this region of the brachial plexus were supplied by the vertebral artery and the deep cervical artery.
28. The subclavian steal phenomenon results from occlusion of the proximal subclavian or innominate artery that causes reversal of blood flow in the ipsilateral vertebral artery.
29. Objective. To describe an interesting patient who underwent open reduction and C1–C2 transpedicular screw fixation with interspinous wiring due to high-riding vertebral artery .
30. Multiple variation exists in the prevertebral segments of vertebral arteries, the left vertebral artery is more dominant than the right one.
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