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Unit testing in a sentence

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1 That makes no sense because unit testing is all about improving the maintainability of your application and making sure everything runs as errorless as possible.
2 Support for simple program testing, full unit testing, and for program execution monitoring.
3 Junit based on the function and unit testing of the test tools.
4 It's better to catch a bug during unit testing than during debug system testing.
5 Over the last few years, unit testing has become central to the way I write software, thanks to a lightweight programming methodology called Extreme Programming (XP) (see Resources).
6 Perform unit testing and integration testing.
7 This component aids in unit testing components with standard values.
8 Given the importance of unit testing in the Ruby world,( you would hope that the RDT makes it easy to run unit tests.
9 In Broadengate, validation includes unit testing, integrate testing and system testing.
10 'Early' testing ideally includes unit testing by developers and built-in testing and diagnostic capabilities.
11 Responsible for unit testing and system QA and documentation.
12 Unit testing is an important part of an overall testing - centric development strategy.
13 Refactoring , design patterns, comprehensive unit testing, pair programming -- these are not the tools of hackers.
14 Martin Fowler : That's the notion of where unit testing originally came from.
15 Unit testing is well as the groundwork of software testing.
16 Simply put, unit testing means writing code to test other code.
17 The best thing about unit testing is that it gives you the freedom to refactor mercilessly.
18 And ETL processing was divided into six serial processing of the independent testing of ETL processing module so as to facilitate unit testing and maintenance of expansion.
19 Some things that we have left to do are for example JSP tag library support in GSP, possible support for JPA as a plug-in, and improvements to our unit testing infrastructure.
20 While the DOH can be daunting for the novice user, it is a flexible and powerful unit testing framework.
21 The confidence to change code and find those far-flung errors is the hallmark of pervasive unit testing.
22 NET fr a mework generated by the open - source unit testing fr a mework.
23 Because components don't interoperate at a code level, traditional methods of unit testing are not necessarily appropriate.
24 Part 1 focuses on testing model objects and gives you some Rails-inspired strategies you can use to make your Java unit testing more productive.
25 For me the key test of using this process well is automated unit testing.
26 Be able to plan and schedule development work , and conduct unit testing.
27 This is a good thing because it results in loose coupling between components, makes unit testing much easier, and allows you to use the most appropriate implementation language for the job.
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