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Top dead center in a sentence

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1. Turn the piston to the top dead center.
2. When the piston reaches the top dead center, the temperature of oil film decreases from the top part of piston skirt to the bottom part of piston skirt.
3. The top dead center is confirmed using cylinder compressing line method and magnetoelectric method and the position of top dead center is validated with variety index method.
4. When obtain piston position signal from Crankshaft, Top Dead Center Sensor and Crankshaft Position Sensor tend to be integrative in structure.
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5. The top dead center (TDC) phase has a great effect on the result in the combustion analysis of internal combustion engines, so it is very important to obtain the dynamic TDC phase correctly.
6. The cycle begins at top dead center (TDC), when the piston is furthest away from the axis of the crankshaft.
7. On the upward piston strokes, the exhaust valves are open until the piston is nearly at TDC (top dead center).
8. Further, the piston is operated at the top dead center position and in the resonance state under all load conditions, thereby further increasing operation frequency.
9. The stroke is the distance the piston travels from BDC (Bottom dead center) to TDC(top dead center).
10. It's for detection of engine speed, piston top dead center position, signal ignition and injection control in top dead center of each piston.
11. Two TDC ( Top Dead Center ) sensors are mounted at the rear of the single camshaft.
12. The Bore is the diameter of the cylinder. The stroke is the distance the piston travels from BDC (Bottom dead center ) to TDC(top dead center). The Bore is always mentioned first.
13. Moreover, the ball plungers (6) are positioned near the piston top dead center, at which the piston ring is positioned.
14. For a CNG engine, the cylinder pressure signal, gear pulse signal and top dead center pulse signal were simultaneously collected.
15. It is very important to identify the engine dynamic top dead center phase in the combusting analysis of IC engine.
16. In this paper, the cylinder pressure signal, fluted disc impulse signal and top dead center impulse signal are sampled synchronously.
17. When this indentation is aligned with a special hole provided in the bell housing, the piston is at top dead center (TDC) or indicates the start of fuel injection into the first cylinder.
18. The results of calculating and experimenting show that the first and largest slap of impact between the piston and the liner occurs around the top dead center from the nonthrust to the thrust face.
19. But this time there is a stop block valve to prevent valve flap over top dead center and open.
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