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To band together in a sentence

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1. We need to band together to fight these reforms.
2. We decided to band together and organize a protest.
3. In future, the main reason for financial firms to band together may be that lunching brings them vital extra insights.
4. Real-ale drinkers were forced to band together to protect their heritage.
5. They were forced to band together because the city was doing nothing for them.
6. More recently(, some of the newspapers have tried to band together and bundle their traffic for advertisers in an effort to make up ground on volume.
7. It's our nature to band together in small teams for support and encouragement.
8. In 2006 local sheiks and former insurgents began to band together to form the Awakening movement.
9. Facilitating the ability for people to band together to advocate for the creation of things that matter to them is powerful.
10. If you decide to band together with the Horde and defend those towns, you will have certain quests and quest items available to you that otherwise would not be.
11. In the end, this leads the young to band together and fight against this society that let them down, triggering social instability.
12. Here's a case where we've been able to band together the experience of both groups and create something that's better than what the originals were.
13. They are also starting to band together to cut costs and plump up their capital cushions.
14. It has to band together with other like-minded nations, who should then refer to themselves by a number prefixed with the letter G (standing for group).
15. When nations breach agreed international norms, the countries who espouse those norms must be convinced to band together to enforce them.
16. If you don't get any big opportunities handed to you, you may be able to band together with your co-workers and create some.
17. For example, in a situation in which several bystanders need to band together to overwhelm a perpetrator, they will be more likely to act collectively than to act alone.
18. In Japan, however, three of the major newspapers have decided instead to band together.
19. There will also be a handful of "world" encounters that will require the server to band together and overcome a great foe.
20. The highly efficient research and development work conducted on the worldwide Net are best suited for small and medium enterprises to band together and break the monopolies of the "giants".
21. Small and vicious, many worry that if these beings were to band together in large numbers, they might easily overthrow some of the smaller cities in the region.
22. In that harsh environment, the militant Chongyron organization founded in 1955 proved an effective answer to the need of the zainichi to band together to protect themselves and their identity.
23. Their first move was for the ten older brothers to band together and travel the 300 kms into Egypt.
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