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To aid in in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2021-07-03Updated:2021-07-03
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(1) The new equipment has been provided to aid in the diagnosis of liver disorders.
(2) Destain:To remove stain from to aid in microscopic study.
(3) You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness.
(4) This system may also be used to aid in lead - free soldering.
(5) To aid in debugging system calls, you can install system debug symbols.
(6) Contains substances needed to aid in the digestion of food.
(7) What can students do to aid in the war against terrorism?
(8) And we used unique, custom-made brainstorming tools to aid in the discussions.
(9) They've been shown to aid in the prevention of prostate cancer, intestinal cancers and other diseases.
(10) This paper describes a color map technology to aid in understanding the signal.
(11) It empowers the employee to aid in the growth and improvement of the company.
(12) Plant-eating animals tend to have longer intestines to aid in digesting fibrous material, a trait the black-and-white bears lack.
(13) This paper outlines strategies aailable to pharmaceutical scientists to aid in that understanding.
(14) Stencils are available to aid in the construction of neat flow charts.
(15) You can create a visible grid to aid in page layout using the guidelines feature of your page layout software or by drawing lines or boxes that you place on a non-printing layer of your publication.
(16) The use of regional, social, and technology policies is also advocated to aid in the restructuring process.
(17) Six hundred federal troops from Fort Sam Houston were assigned to aid in keeping order.
(18) It also calls for more funding and civilian staff to aid in monitoring and investigating abuses.
(19) Most fault conditions will set a ABS fault code in the CAB (controller anti-lock brake), which can be retrieved to aid in fault diagnosis.
(20) Your Shock Troops should concentrate on engaging air units and if you want to - supplement them with Gunwalkers to aid in clearing the skies.
(21) In addition, such a drug could have wider reach as an appetite suppressant to aid in weight loss, without the health hazards tied to cigarette smoke.
(22) Barry Barish wants to build the largest science instrument in history to aid in his search for dark matter.
(23) We have also relaxed UML conventions on naming classes and attributes to aid in readability -- e.g., "Registration Mark" includes a space.
(24) Built to extend the functionality of the new Parallel Watch Window, the pack includes visual tools to aid in debugging multithreaded applications.
(25) The code is relatively self-explanatory with many comments and print statements to aid in its understanding.
(26) These topics are typically written with an old HTML authoring tool, or make heavy use of tables, lists, and indented quotes solely to aid in presentation.
(27) Propolis is what is known as nature and proven abilities to aid in human health.
(28) The command - line compiler has built - in MAKE logic to aid in project maintenance.
(29) The Chlamydomonas are of particular interest because they exhibit phototaxis-an ability to orient themselves toward light sources to aid in photosynthesis.
(30) These buffers are captured in the event of a runtime problem and can be used to aid in problem diagnosis and analysis of the VM's history.
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