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Testing environment in a sentence

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1) System generation is for performing pilot tests, establishing a development and test environments and constructing new systems.
2) The client side of the performance testing environment has a major impact on performance test results.
3) In the testing environment, each node has two 4-core processors that support simultaneous multi-threading, so you have a total of 16 available slots and can set both parameters to 7.
4) It provides a development and testing environment you can use to build database objects and applications.
5) For example, you might create a virtual testing environment that mirrors your production environment.
6) So it resolves the testing environment problem on LAN management software to a large degree.
7) Also, while we recommend a dedicated performance testing environment and team, this is only practical for some organizations.
8) Obviously, the testing environment should mirror the production environment as closely as possible, since any differences (any at all) introduce uncertainty.
9) With all these advantages, adopting virtualization techniques helps the testing environment to move closer towards green IT.
10) While this might not be feasible for every organization, every attempt should be made to create a performance testing environment that is representative of reality.
11) The results show that the new timing device is less dependent on the testing environment conditions, so its testing efficiency and reliability are improved.
12) Secondly, through analyzing the failure instance of electrical connectors in using and testing environment, educed contact fault was a main mode of failure of electrical connectors.
13) This would be the standard type of deployment for a production or performance testing environment.
14) Published in the "Public Library of Science Medicine" magazine of the lack of resources in the testing environment in the maternity ward for all-weather rapid AIDS testing and counselling.
15) One of the major environments where data breaches can happen is the testing environment.
16) This is an important feature and required in a testing environment.
17) It is best to also use mobile device emulators to create a more realistic mobile device testing environment.
18) The integration of three subsystems of the project ISEE: Design Structure Editor System (DSE), C Software Testing Environment (CSTE) and Software Information Base (SIB) are described.
19) Deliverables can even be the actual deployment of a system on a testing environment or on a production environment.
20) After being built, populated, and tuned,( environment.html) the database was backed up so that the testing environment could be returned to the same "baseline" state prior to each test run.
21) This second approach is pretty invasive and should be done only in a development or testing environment.
22) Real-time data processing plays a key role in embedded real-time software testing environment.
23) The script in Listing 11 fires up all the elements of the performance monitor and the load testing environment.
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