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Terminate in in a sentence

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1. The game terminated in a victory for Italian team.
2. Your contract of employment terminates in December.
3. The midfielder had his contract terminated in December, because of his disciplinary record.
4. The train terminated in Carlisle.
5. The project he was involved with were abruptly terminated in 1994 by the health ministry.
6. The male organs consist of a single continuous testis and a vas deferens terminating in an ejaculatory duct into the cloaca.
7. The contract terminates in September.
8. The meeting terminated in disorder.
9. One had a scar across his face which terminated in an empty eye-socket.
10. It terminates in the wing process above, the coxal process below, and often bears an inwardly projecting pleural arm.
11. The handle would have measured about 5in in length and terminated in a point.
12. But what happens when a marriage terminates in divorce?
13. Although the formal process of schooling began in 1911 and terminated in 1929, the critical phase was between 1917 and 1927.
14. The merit of all manual occupations seems to terminate in the inventor.
15. Many adverbs terminate in - ly.
16. Many adjectives terminate in - ful.
17. The bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed.
18. Many adverbs terminate in - 1 y.
19. Pedipalps terminate in eversible adhesive organs.
19. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
20. No lines of force originate or terminate in the space surrounding a charge.
21. At the gross anatomical level the optic tract can be seen to terminate in a number of discrete relays in the brainstem.
22. A day that had begun with the parade affirmation had to terminate in the same style.
23. Temperature, pain, and itch sensation are transmitted by unmyelinated nerve fibers which terminate in the papillary dermis and around hair follicles.
24. The basalts were intruded by numerous silica dykes, some of which terminate in the sedimentary layers.
25. Use a synchronization object instead to signal the thread to terminate in Programming . NET Components.
26. R_(7a) approximate many features of R_(1-6) cells, which have a larger, cell body, rhabdomere and axon, terminate in the first optic neuropil (lamina).
27. If we are to have a meaningful expression, such a regress must terminate in a connection to the world—an ostensive definition, a demonstration, a word-to-world connection.
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