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System call in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2022-06-09Updated:2022-06-09
Similar words: system clocksystem checksystemicallysystematicalsystematicallyoptical systemmedical systemlogical systemMeaning: n. an instruction that interrupts the program being executed and passes control to the supervisor. 
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(1) A system called DigiBox is expected to hit the market soon.
(2) Two teachers using a system called Hwarang-do applying a combined neck strangulation and head twisting technique.
(3) Mackenzie's technique uses a variant of Michael Barnsley's iterated function system, called a fractal interpolation function.
(4) An as-yet-unproven system called J-STARS, getting its baptism of fire in the Gulf, illustrates the point.
(5) Hanna devised a system called limited animation and a couple of characters quite the opposite to a cat and mouse.
(6) The system, called Trax, has already undergone 2000 hours of tests.
(7) Ray designed a system called Tierra that consisted of competing programs that were constantly being filled by mutation with small errors.
(8) Set up event monitoring using the write() system call.
(9) This module incorporate system call anomaly detection modeling methods and monitor file systems and Registry accesses.
(10) Through the system call interface in the DOS call a very detailed menu interface.
(11) This paper will discuss the role of system call redirection in program monitoring and transporting. In addition, we put forward three(models) of system call redirection.
(12) The connect system call is normally called by the client process to connect to the server process.
(13) The system call is invoked with one argument: an integer containing the local port to be hidden.
(14) Also, after Trojaning the system call table, any system call modules that are loaded won't work.
(15) The open() system call determines whether the mapping is readable or writable.
(16) Proper use of complex system call requires careful coordination between the operating system and CPU.
(17) You set some registers and issue a system call instruction (or an interrupt) and have the kernel code called directly from the trap handler.
(18) As cities and their monetary systems organized further into city-states and then into nations(, an economic system called mercantilism developed.
(19) One of the co-op's big successes was designing the software for a computer graphics system called the Bit Stik.
(20) For instance, many colleges, universities and government agencies store on-line information using a system called gopher.
(21) errno.h is needed for the declaration of errno, the global system call error number variable (more on that below).
(22) You can also find the tracing calls as part of the system call request in ./linux/arch/i386/kernel/entry.S (see syscall_trace_entry).
(23) In terms of the way it is called[], there is no difference between a system call and a library function.
(24) Similarly, functions such as printf() and fprintf() invoke the write() system call to do their work.
(25) Access to the log buffer is provided at the core through the multi-purpose syslog system call.
(26) A new method is proposed parameter model of detection system by using parameters of system call.
(27) The unit class tests checks each function unit (user command, system call) of os which is based on safe mechanisms.
(28) Listing 5 - 5 is the user space program designed to execute the system call above.
(29) In this model, the user - space application performs a system call that results in the application blocking.
(30) When the file system gets mounted, it is initially empty, and the only valid operation in its root directory is to create new directories with the mkdir system call.
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