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Synchronous generator in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2022-11-12Updated:2022-11-12
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1 An inductor alternator is a special kind of synchronous generator in which Both the field and the output winding are on the stator.
2 To study on operation of synchronous generator rectifier systems may be unstable under certain conditions.
3 Synchronous generator excitation control plays a very important role in the operation of power system.
4 The air-gap magnetic field of a salient pole synchronous generator whose stator slot is fractional with the consideration of turn insulation is calculated by the finite element method in this paper.
5 Synchronous Generator A synchronous generator is an AC generator haing a DC exciter.
6 Do you mean that's the difference between synchronous generator and induction generator.
7 A new synchronous generator excitation control method linear multi - variable feedback excitation control strategy is introduced.
8 Compared to three-phrase synchronous generator,[] the difficult of single phase synchronous generator is that the magnetic field of armature reaction is pulsating.
9 But extra synchronous generator which provides horizontal and vertical synchronous signal causes biased frequency so that the software process is unable to accomplish.
10 This paper proposes a kind of synchronous generator fuzzy-PID excitation controller based on genetic algorithm(GA) and fuzzy illation.
11 The boundary conditions of scattering heat of synchronous generator are dealed with reasonaby.
12 Synchronous Generator A synchronous generator is an AC generator having a DC exciter.
13 A double - voltage hybrid excitation earth rare permanent magnet synchronous generator is designed is this paper.
14 Due to stator resistance and armature reaction(, the output voltage of conventional permanent magnet synchronous generator varies with the load.
15 The D-axis armature reaction of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous generator has been analysed.
16 As the cost of power electronics falls down, the permanent magnetic synchronous generator (PMSG) with fully-rated converters has become a hot issue.
17 The air gap magnetic field characteristic of rare earth permanent magnet salient - pole synchronous generator is studied.
18 This paper presented a new disk - type PM synchronous generator, and analysed its principle and electromagnetism design.
19 In this paper, the effect of damper windings of salient-pole synchronous generator on transients of the recloser in power system is considered by numerical calculation method.
20 With this designed regulator, the stator terminal output voltage of the synchronous generator will be regulated to the rated value in a very quick time during its spinning up.
21 Third harmonic excitation has already become a common excited means for synchronous generator at present.
22 The research results are very useful to design a synchronous generator excitation controller in a multimachine power system.
23 A mathematical model to calculate the field current of a synchronous generator is presented, considering magnetic saturation effect.
24 So far as the dangerous level of rotor overvoltage is concerned, no-salient pole has a small value by comparison with salient pole synchronous generator.
25 This paper presents a mathematical model of the divided - winding - rotor synchronous generator.
26 The phase compound excitation system is one of the core components of the modern synchronous generator.
27 Because at constantly changing various wind force, hydraulic power that make use of to scatter, an induction generator is exceeding the synchronous generator very in many ways.
28 The linear current amplify property of excite system to brushless excite synchronous generator is analysised and simulated.
29 Based on this theory, a self-regulating AVR regulator is designed for the synchronous generator to be synchronized with the existed power system very quickly.
30 This design uses the PSCAD software establishing electrical power system model, including: Transformer model, synchronous generator model, transmission line model, load model and so on.
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