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Supply line in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2020-03-19Updated:2020-03-19
Similar words: polylinefamily lineassembly linesupplya supplysupplyingsupply areaoversupplyMeaning: n. a route over which supplies can be delivered. 
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(1) They knew they needed to block their enemy's supply lines .
(2) Their aim was to block guerrilla supply lines.
(3) The bombing campaign appears aimed at cutting the supply lines between Germany and its army in occupied France.
(4) But fighting is fierce, casualties are heavy and supply lines are thin.
(5) Of course, strangling Masud's supply lines was not enough.
(6) Besides taking control of supply lines, such acquisitions can aid marketing.
(7) It was a natural transport point for enemy supply lines into the Mekong Delta proper.
(8) McCann got tighter to Vieira(, and Arsenal's supply line was cut.
(9) And you've become part of the supply line now: selling on to finance your need.
(10) Connect the cold water supply line and hot water outlet lines using elbows, nipples and unions as shown in the diagrams.
(11) Purpose: General purpose switching and muting, LCD back-lighting, supply line switching circuits.
(12) It seeks to disrupt all aspects of life, from supply lines to social services, using extremely violent methods.
(13) The North, on the other hand, would have to stretch its supply lines over vast areas of hostile territory.
(14) Consequently all the cryogenic tanks and pipes were pre-cooled by pumping cold gas through the supply lines.
(15) Because of the intelligence I have provided, the Communists here have been able to strangle Masud's supply lines.
(16) The area of the Santa Fe Trail around Fort Union was also involved in the American Civil War. By eighteen-sixty-two, the trail was the main supply line for Union forces in the Southwest.
(17) He decided instead to establish control of the main road running eastwards from Kiev to Kharkov, the best route from Poland, so as to secure his supply line.
(18) The Watts Water Pressure Regulator must be installed on the water supply line to the boiler.
(19) We should strengthen our defense to protect the safety of the supply line.
(20) An internal Zener clamp protects against over-voltage conditions on the supply line.
(21) The product is suitable to be fixed and laid with the rated power pressure(U0/U)450/750 or less so as to control and monitor return circuit as protect supply line etc.
(22) The man had connected the air line to a supply line of oxygen, not compressed air.
(23) A sealed purified water dispenser of the invention comprises a water supply line, a water pumping device and a water storage device with a soft package.
(24) With increase in defect severity, energy is distributed to the sidebands of the gear mesh frequency across supply line frequency.
(25) United didn't create many chances either, but Giggs says the Reds have just the man for the job when goals are demanded from a drip-drip supply line.
(26) Utilities have been loath to publicize the Russian bomb supply line for fear of spooking consumers: the fuel from missiles that may have once been aimed at your home may now be lighting it.
(27) The commander decided to make an air strike on the enemy's supply line.
(28) The existing condition of low-voltage power supply system of mine underground was analyzed, in view of the existing problems of low-voltage power supply line, the improvement scheme was proposed.
(29) Install a 125 PSI pressure relief valve in the cold water supply line.
(30) Terminal pair 1-2 must be continuously energized from an a. C. supply line of electrical characteristics shown on the data plate.
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