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Sulfuric acid in a sentence

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Sentence count:162Posted:2017-12-12Updated:2017-12-12
Similar words: sulfuricsulphuric aciduric acidsulfurcitric acidsulfuroussulfur dioxidecitric acid cycleMeaning: n. (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry. 
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(1) Inject a minimum of 10 gallons of sulfuric acid.
(2) Discharge of sulfuric acid into Lakeside Lake Park is not allowable under narrative water quality standards.
(3) When rain water hits pyrite ore, it forms sulfuric acid, which leaches out copper and other metals.
(4) The water forms sulfuric acid, which leaches copper, cadmium, zine and other metals from the ore.
(5) Most sulfuric acid is made by the contact process.
(6) Chlorination is carried out with Nhaloamines and sulfuric acid.
(7) A corrosive solution of sulfur trioxide in sulfuric acid.
(8) Both concentrated sulphuric acid and dilute sulfuric acid are corrosive.
(9) Sulfuric acid as one of strong corrosive medium, sulfuric acid is the use of a very wide range of important industrial raw materials.
(10) Although thick sulfuric acid increases the lixiviate rate, it is not advisable due to its corrosiveness .
(11) Ammonium persulfate and sulfuric acid were used to turn completely the polyphosphoric acid into orthophosphoric radicals, which were then determined by spectrophotometry.
(12) The reaction of magenta and nitrite in sulfuric acid medium was studied.
(13) Another dissolves ilmenite or some other iron mineral in sulfuric acid to release oxygen.
(14) The acid solution is a mixture of glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride[], and sulfuric acid.
(15) In this paper the N-isopropyl-O-toluidine has been synthesized by means of co-catalysis used sulfuric acid as main catalyst and Nickel salt as catalytic promoter.
(16) The battery electrolyte contains fumed silica and there is no flow, no leakage or no gradation of sulfuric acid .
(17) In order to explore the methods to promote the seeds germination of Rhus chinensis, researches were conducted on the effect of sulfuric acid treating to seeds germination.
(18) Bromododecane was synthesized from n- dodecyl alcohol using byproduct hydrobromic acid from 1-bromoadamantan process as raw material in the presence of the concentrated sulfuric acid.
(19) The synthetic processes of phthalic anhydride diglycol ester using sulfuric acid and methyl benzene sulfonic acid as catalysts, respectively, were investigated.
(20) This technology uses a new catalyst to make copper oxidized by air in a dilute sulfuric acid solution and thus to prepare industrial cupric sulfate.
(21) Corrosively medium for chemical production such as sodium hydrate, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, fatty acid.
(22) Chalcopyrite and pentlandite can also not react with diluted sulfuric acid.
(23) It is lead gray powder with good chemical stability, which is soluble in aqua regia, hot nitric acid and dense nitric acid and insoluble in dilute sulfuric acid and organic solvents.
(24) The preparation of porous anodic alumina film is studied with sulfuric acid as electrolyte and the morphology of the film is characterized by field-emission scanning electron microscope(FE-SEM).
(25) The sulfur dioxide combines with water in the air, forming sulfuric acid.
(26) Investigators said they also found gallons of hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acid and 50 pounds of the toxic chemical hexamine from a storage area outside the main home.
(27) A new coloring method, alternating voltage passivation, was originated to obtain color films on stainless steel in Cr-free sulfuric acid solution.
(28) At the same time this item recovers the harmful discard- sulfuric acid to turn the cotton waste velveteen, changing to harm for the treasure, reducing the pollution of the environment.
(29) A greaseproof paper with high wet strength. It is produced by passing a paper web through a sulfuric acid bath that fuses its fibers into a homogeneous mass.
(30) Ethyl lactate was synthesized by transesterification of D, L- lactide with ethanol utilizing concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst.
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