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Stochastic variable in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2020-01-08Updated:2020-01-08
Similar words: stochasticmagnetic variationstochasticallyvariable resistorvariableinvariablevariablenessvariable starMeaning: n. a variable quantity that is random. 
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1. Market demand is a stochastic variable which brings difficulty for most profit by ordering right goods.
2. The extremum distribution of stochastic variable can be obtained by spectral analysis.
3. A discrete method for stochastic variable (features) space of class-conditional-probability density and estimation method for class-conditional -probability distribution is proposed.
4. The concept of possibility-probability consistency is used to transform fuzzy number to stochastic variable.
5. Basis on the stable analysis of the bridge structure, we could do the sensitivity analysis related to stochastic variable for structure by the zone method.
6. So it is the important subject in probability to study the independence of stochastic variable.
7. Firstly,( the article introduces the theory of system simulation and the numeral and the stochastic variable.
8. The first level is to design the optimal irrigation schedule of a single crop under deficient irrigation by stochastic dynamic programming(SDP) model in which rainfall is stochastic variable.
9. As it actually has fluctuation, the demand is treated as stochastic variable.
10. The influence to settlement reliability of composite foundation caused by changeability of every stochastic variable is analyzed in the end.
11. In most supply chain contract literatures, the customers' demand is often hypothesized as an independent and exogenous stochastic variable.
12. This paper introduces the problems of some identical equation solved by the numerical characters of the classic probability and stochastic variable.
13. An expectation model placing orders with multi -suppliers with capacity constraint is established(, in which the demand is stochastic variable.
14. Based on Monte -Carlo method, the effect of input stochastic variable on the casing reliability was analysed.
15. Simulation uncertainty mitigated strategies for different cases mentioned above are presented by means of robust design and engineering stochastic variable optimization methods.
16. The multi-suppliers purchasing-inventory problem are focused when the demand is tremendous and a single supplier can't meet the demand, in most cases, the demand is stochastic variable.
17. In this paper, probability method is Used to deal with the load variation, i. e, the load is treated as stochastic variable while its duration curve serves as cumulative probability function.
18. The random missing of data is modeled as a stochastic variable satisfying Bernoulli distribution.
19. This essay deduces that the demanded container number in one port in a year is a normal school stochastic variable by analyzing the data.
20. The method derives from eigenvalue issue, regards Poison ratio and elastic modulus as a constant and a stochastic variable, respectively, and in terms of known data and a combination of the FEM.
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