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Stochastic process in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2022-06-12Updated:2022-06-12
Similar words: adiabatic processsemantic processingelectrolytic processanodic processorganic processeconomic processgeologic processmetabolic processMeaning: n. a statistical process involving a number of random variables depending on a variable parameter (which is usually time). 
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1. Markov Process is an extensively applied stochastic process model.
2. A martingale is a zero - drift stochastic process.
3. A new way to analysis nonstationary stochastic process is to divide it into piece-wise stationary stochastic process.
4. The regression analysis method of non stochastic process and movable control over the target area was used to assess seeding effect. The target area was determinated by diffusion equation.
5. Rather than selecting a very special stochastic process of technology shock so as to match a specific output process, we assume only a simple AR transitory shock in both growth models.
6. The stochastic process method is applied to forecast Shanghai stock composite index trend.
7. A stochastic process, or sometimes random process, is the counterpart to a deterministic process (or deterministic system) in probability theory.
8. Research and teaching: Stochastic Process, Stochastic analysis, Risk theory,[] Financial Economics and Mathematical Finance.
9. Integrating with the simulation method of stochastic process, the authors present the review of the main synthesis methods and current research on artificial ground motion both domestic and abroad.
10. Using frequency spectrum estimation of stationary stochastic process, the frequency domain character can be identified by power spectrum of signal.
12. Firstly, the illuminator scheduling model is established using Markov' theory of stochastic process and the resource constraint graph is built from the set of resource intervals.
13. A periodic model and an auto-regressional model of stationary stochastic process were respectively proposed for carrying out extrapolation and prediction.
14. Blind image restoration has a strong background of mathematics, including estimation theory, ill-posed problem solution method, linear algebra, stochastic process, numerical analysis, and so on.
15. In terms of the frequency spectrum analysis method of stationary stochastic process, the frequency domain character can be identified by power spectrum of signals.
16. In this paper, we prove the ergodic theorem of a stationary set valued stochastic process by the representation theorem.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. The earthquake ground motion model is simulated as nonstationary stochastic process model that is used as equivalent stationary stochastic process.
18. The clobber probability of a pilotless aircraft is studied on the assumption that the error stochastic process is normal stationary process.
19. The first one is chosen using time series method, and the second is obtained from measurements using the autocovariance function of the stationary stochastic process.
20. In this paper a linear estimation problem for a stochastic process which is viewed as the output signal of a linear second-order vector difference equation driven by a white-noise input is considered.
21. The text studies the control law of inventory by using stochastic process, stochastic differential equation and control theory, and establishes a model which tallies with the actual inventory system.
22. The movement of stock price during a period is uncertain, which follows one stochastic process.
23. This paper makes use of auto regression model named AR in the array of time to found out the stochastic process of pulse wind. The suitable step number of auto regression ...
24. Previous work on this problem has typically assumed that the channel conditions between the base station and the users are governed by a stationary stochastic process.
25. The paper presents a kind of bayesian inference of simple signal in dynamic measurement. The simple measured signals and output signals are thought of as realizations of stochastic process.
26. Because the low frequency area of one image can be modeled as a stationary stochastic process, the LMS algorithm could be adopted.
27. This paper a simulation model for population growth based on GIS, - agent system and stochastic process.
28. With the epistemological advance in field of aging research, the gerontologist has recognized that the aging mechanism is a negative and stochastic process rather than active or programmed one.
29. The differential and integral equation for survival probability and a upper bound of ruin probability are given by using renewal theory and stochastic process approach.
30. Where the uncertain matrix is norm bounded and - varying, while the external disturbance is a stochastic process.
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