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Step out in a sentence

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Sentence count:86+3Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2017-03-08
Similar words: step by stepkeep outkeep out ofstepstepsstep upin stepstep inMeaning: v. go outside a room or building for a short period of time. 
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(31) Step out of line, demand better attention, and you meet tight-lipped disapproval.
(32) Now is the time for tonics to help us forget the pain and step out on the road to recovery.
(33) Jack too found himself unable to step out from under the long shadow of their relationship.
(34) She nods her head, steps back a step out of the way of him spreading toward her white shoes.
(35) If you step out of line once more you're fired.
(36) I could step out between the bars, and a day like this declared every reason for the risk.
(37) We are not engaged in proving the universe to be nomic, or defying it to step out of line.
(38) Never be afraid to step out, if it harms no other and gets you your heart's desire.
(39) For from her mirror she saw the driver's door of the Mercedes open and a tall, aristocratic man step out.
(40) The third time you step out , you face a full point penalty.
(41) The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams. Oprah Winfrey 
(42) Well,[] now's your chance to step out in style and dazzle your friends.
(43) The key to finding out what is out there is to step out of the spaceship.
(44) He's not going to step out of line unnecessarily.
(45) What I'd do is step out for a moment.
(46) They keep the masses in line by threatening them (us) with all manner of horrible outcomes if we dare to step out of line.
(47) It is because we understand that there is a Jekyll and Hyde in each one of us, waiting for the right moment to step out of the shadows.
(48) Just don't bother to take your computer. you won't be allowed to express any criticism or'counter revolutionary'ideas on any web site. they throw your ass in jail over there if you step out of line.
(49) This is no doubt the first step out of confusion and fatuity.
(50) Step out of your brother or sister's shadow and into your own spot in the sun.
(51) However, you will be aware of what is required of you[], and unlikely to inadvertently step out of line.
(52) The rules do not permit players to step out of bounds.
(53) Bottom line: If you wish to augment your chances of obtaining a woman's phone numbers, step out of a Ferrari, wearing a fireman's uniform, whilst holding a miniature poodle in your hands!
(54) I advise you to take a small step out of your comfort zone and try to make someone's day a little brighter, Together, we can really make society come closer as a whole.
(55) You step out of line, the man come and take you away.
(56) His publishers and many of his readers urged him to step out into the sunlight.
(57) A customs officer stops Evan's car and asks him to step out.
(58) Lerner seems to have two great talents: that of being able to step out of standard operating procedure (SOP) frameworks and that of being able to convince others to join him in doing so.
(59) How Mr Hatoyama both motivates bureaucrats and punishes them when they step out of line will make or break the DPJ.
(60) Anyone speaking the truth, who dares to step out of line, is attacked by those whose motive is jealousy and fear.
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