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Stealth fighter in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2019-11-03Updated:2019-11-03
Similar words: steal the limelightstealthstealthyby stealthsteal the showstealthilyfighterstealthinessMeaning: n. a fighter that is difficult to detect by radar; is built for precise targeting and uses laser-guided bombs. 
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1. Pentagon officials acknowledge using two Stealth fighter bombers to drop 2,000 pound bombs.
2. A new, all-but-invisible stealth fighter was no exception.
3. The Air Force intends the F-22 stealth fighter to be the grimmest perdition to darken the skies since mythological times.
4. By whom was Chief Tyrol 's Blackbird stealth fighter named?
5. The Stealth Fighter and the Cadillac show-car both have a menacing and precise nature.
6. The F-35 is a supersonic, multi-role, 5th generation stealth fighter.
7. Some teachers talk of "Stealth Fighter Parents" who no longer hover constantly but can be counted on for a surgical strike just when the high school musical is being cast or starting lineup chosen.
8. The first Active Stealth fighter - bomber, the most powerful air weapon created by the U.S.
9. Russia's Sukhoi T-50 prototype stealth fighter made its maiden flight last year and is due to enter service in about four years.
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10. The test flight of the J-20 stealth fighter on January 11, was "a symbolic leap in China's military modernization drive", according to China Daily.
11. A fourth generation stealth fighter jet would help , too.
12. The F-117 Nighthawk "stealth fighter" is another plane which isn't prone to vapor, but it still put on a great display in spite of its relatively low speed.
13. The F-117 "stealth fighter" is really a ground attack aircraft which doesn't even have guns or air-to-air weaponry, but the Raptor really deserves the name.
14. And Lockheed Martin now wants clearance to export the new F-22 stealth fighter.
15. Chen officially confirmed that the test of a new generation Chinese military jet during Gates' visit to China was a J-20 Stealth fighter, but said the scheduling was not a provocation.
16. Twelve years later, some of those components may have finally surfaced —in the design of China's new J-20 stealth fighter.
17. "Secretary Gates' visit to China in January coincided with the test flight of our J-20 stealth fighter(," Chen said.
18. Initiated by Michael Jorgensen, writer and producer of the National Geographic Channel documentary Hitler's Stealth Fighter, the construction and testing of the replica was funded by Northrop Grumman.
19. China chose the very same day to test-fly its new stealth fighter.
20. In an apparent nod to U.S. calls for more openness, China allowed video and pictures of last week's runway tests of its prototype stealth fighter to be taken and posted online.
21. The photographs of the J20 jet are also likely to prompt calls for accelerated production of F35s - the US's next generation stealth fighter - to ensure air superiority.
22. Revelations about the new weapons -- the first video of the Chinese stealth fighter just became available on the Internet -- come just in advance of a new series of U.S.-China diplomatic engagements.
23. In short: The Horten 2-29 looks to have been the world's first stealth fighter.
24. According to the report, defence experts do not expect the J20 stealth fighter to achieve "effective operational capability prior to 2018".
25. The authors suggest China's CETC Y-27 radar, which is similar to Russia's Nebo SVU VHF Digital AESA, could counter U.S. stealth fighter technology.
26. But one former PLA Major General Xu Guangyu, told NPR he believes the stealth fighter could be operational within five or six years.
27. At least one major mystery remains: How would Hitler's stealth fighter have affected the outcome of World War II, had the plane made it to mass production?
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