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Starting torque in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2023-01-08Updated:2023-01-08
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(1) Another reason is starting torque.
(2) Bigger starting torque and low noise.
(3) The product's features are high starting torque, high slip and low starting current.
(4) The test was carried on starting torque with centrifugal magnetic fluids.
(5) Because of its big starting torque, the newly drive motor can supply a greater acceleration.
(6) New type of magneto was developed for increasing starting torque and adjusting strokes.
(7) V-valve dual-bearing structure, mechanical stability, high starting torque is small, to ensure the valve sensor with excellent sensitivity and speed.
(8) The motors featured with high starting torque, low energy consumption. Ideal for used as the power of compressors, refrigerator, remedy apparatus and machine tools, etc.
(9) The effects of skewed slot angle on the starting torque of a single phase asynchronous motor are demonstrated by theoretic analysis and by experiments.
(10) This invention provides a kind of high starting torque squirrel cage type asynchronous elecric machine. It is composed of the stator 14, rotor, ends coverings, shaft bearings, etc.
(11) This series motor has characters of high efficient, high class, low noise, small vibration, large starting torque, high reliability, convinent installation maintenance and so on.
(12) The ball bearings provide reduced running noise, longer relubrication intervals and a low starting torque.
(13) But DC motor has much merit, such as: batter speed performance, bigger starting torque and stronger overload capacity etc. Therefore, it is applied widely in many industries.
(14) It has not only the advantages of the ordinary permanent magnet starter motor, but also some other advantages, such as higher starting torque, higher no load speed, and lower cost.
(15) This paper built the solid model of a coal car with UG software, made dynamic simulation by ADAMS, and measured the starting torque and the forces on several key parts of the coal car.
(16) It has many advantages such as small starting current, heavy starting torque, stable starting running and good control effect.
(17) Series ZSN4 DC motors are the new generation of Z4 Series DC Motors with high starting torque and overload. Mainly used as the drive equipment for cement rotary kiln.
(18) The motors have the merits of beautiful modelling, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, large starting torque, easy operation, etc.
(19) Dompared to the shaded pole motor, these motors can generally provide much greater starting torque by using a special startup winding in conjunction with a centrifugal switch.
(20) Discuss in detail the torque characteristics of hoister double-fed cascade adjusting speed system and the designing calculation of starting torque of hoister shearing resistor.
(21) The advantages of DC motor is good speed adjustment features and large starting torque.
(22) The linear speed-up phase in the starting process basically determines the starting time, and it can be accelerated by increase its starting torque to the maximum value.
(23) These motors use starting winding. The motors possess medium starting torque, suitable for driving small tool machines, blowers, sewing machines and extraction fans, etc.
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