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Square wave in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2021-09-20Updated:2021-09-20
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1. You drive the circuit with a square wave input signal a shown.
2. Principle on generating square wave by comparator is researched.
3. Procedures for selecting the square wave!
4. Introduce the principle of MOSFET AC square wave inverter power source.
5. This thesis research the direct torque control of square wave brushless DC motor.
6. For the partial sum of Fourier series of square wave functions, the weakness of the original expression is pointed out in the paper, and a new expression of Lth partial sum of Fourier series is given.
7. If the pumping signal is the periodic square wave, the damped oscillation wave will be generated in the circuit.
8. It can provide complete square wave in the transformer, which can provide a simple self-driving method for synchronous rectifier.
9. It is analyzed in the paper that square wave operation combines with subharmonic PWM.
10. The method uses a square wave input and the stability of the system to extract the internal relation between the output Sampling signals and the structural parameters.
11. DAC0832 achieve sawtooth, triangle wave, square wave, sine wave, staircase wave, trapezoidal wave source compilation.
12. In the situation of modulating signal is square wave, the result of demodulation frequency is presented in imitation, and other parameter's jitter in this situation is also described.
13. With square wave or amplitude modulating wave transmission, the speech communication will have satisfactory intelligibility.
14. The rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC square wave motor is a new type of motor.
15. The variable polarity AC square wave power source is best equipment for aluminium alloy welding.
16. The pulse width measuring of the different frequency square wave signals was done by using interrupt control technology.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. The effects of the square wave cycle, phase, duty cycle and the fiber coil group delay and amplifier gain bandwidth on the bias error of closed-loop FOG were analyzed by simulating and testing.
18. The waveform square wave, sine wave, triangle wave and the sawtooth wave, etc.
19. The square wave source is an impulse source in which digital technique is used. It has the advantages of rigid phase, high frequency stabilization and high antijamming.
20. In present papaer. the control method for AC MIG process and the power source for realizing it, mainly a square wave invertor. are described.
21. Running a transformer into the wrong load will alter its high-frequency roll-off and square wave response.
22. An optimization calculation of interleaver made of cascade Mach - Zehnder fiber interferometer with square wave is forward.
23. A method for determination of copper and zinc in vegetables by stripping square wave voltammetrywas presented.
24. A simple and high - Performance brushless DC generator consisting of a controlled rectifying circuit and permanent magnet square wave motor is Presented.
25. The theoretical research shows that the effect of the driving signals of the sinusoidal wave and the sinusoidal wave with a bias and the square wave on the optical modulator is completely different.
26. This cycloconverter uses few components and the control strategy is simple, only square wave of control is used.
27. The present invention relates to a circuit which can reshape waveform of any base value voltage and peak value voltage into regular square wave.
28. The results show that the induction heat power of magnetic field amplitude-modulated with sine wave and square wave is unrelated to the frequency of modulating wave.
29. Miniature passive hydrogen maser is developed at Shanghai Observatory cavity design and square wave frequency modulation.
30. A method for the determination of ephedrine in collunarium by high performance capillary electrophoresis with square wave amperometric detection(SWAD)was developed.
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