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Specific volume in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2022-12-29Updated:2022-12-29
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1. Both specific surface area and specific volume increased.
2. Self-diffusion coefficient and specific volume changing along with temperature are drafted by collecting the movement locus of particles to determine the phase change temperature of every system.
3. Specific volume of hamburger produced by complex flour descended, but the sense scores, hardness, springiness and chewiness of hamburger center did not significantly change.
4. By the specific volume to egg yolk paste, finished back rate, sensory score, water activity, it was got the method to us separated eggs of emulsifier compound, composition and proportion.
5. Specific volume had no effect on changing rate of stress relaxation.
6. Intermittent steam injection can increase the specific volume, swept volume and utilization ratio of heat, and can improve formation of seepage in oil reservoir so as to improve flooding effect.
7. No, a specific volume of sample is needed for the test to be accurate.
8. The specific volume was reduced evidently with the increase of PF addition when it was over 15%.
9. Specific volume -- particle diameter relation has been studied for capacitor Tapowder.
10. The influence of flowing area, structural of valve head, inlet density and outlet specific volume to mass flow coefficient were studied.
11. This article studied the effect of the amount of gluten on the quality of quick-frozen steamed bread including specific volume, soft degree and total score.
12. Results TSA could decrease whole blood and plasma specific viscosity , shorten erythrocytic specific volume and RBC electrophoresis time.
13. After that it is pointed out that compared with soil density changes, water content change can result in more variations of coefficient of thermal conductivity and specific volume heat of loess.
14. Taking propane for example, on the base of given specific volume, there are various separations for different extraction temperatures.
15. In the work, an one order approximant for the mapping between the pressure and the specific volume in two phase regime was presented by Taylor series expansion.
16. Then taking loess samples with different densities and moisture contents, the coefficient of thermal conductivity and specific volume heat of loess are tested.
17. It's important to note that the usage of the lvmo command allows changes for LVM pbuf tunables only that are dedicated to specific volume groups.
18. A tangible object or an intangible service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units.
19. And for loess with constant density, if the water content is increased, the coefficient of thermal conductivity and specific volume heat both are increased too.
20. The products have distinct quality advantages in stability, content, clarifying degree, color grade, crystallization, specific volume, polymer, unity, etc.
20. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
21. The ideal-gas state equation shows that some relations exist among the pressure, specific volume and temperature of ideal gases at any state, namely.
22. Finally, you actually tuned your logical volumes by determining and increasing the amount of pbufs used in a specific volume group.
23. The characteristics and production technology or MgO with high apparent specific volume are introduced.
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