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Special relativity in a sentence

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Similar words: relativitytheory of relativitygeneral theory of relativityindustrial relationsspecialitysexual relationelectrical resistivitycausal relationshipMeaning: n. a physical theory of relativity based on the assumption that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant and the assumption that the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial systems. 
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(1) Let us try to understand the basics of special relativity in terms of the magnificent space-time of Minkowski.
(2) Nearly all undergraduate texts on special relativity attempt to display the novel physical concepts of the theory at minimal mathematical cost.
(3) On the other hand, special relativity tells us something deep about physical reality, in relation to the nature of time.
(4) Like special relativity, the monotraumatic theory is a restricted one, applicable only to certain specified frames of reference.
(5) That's doable in theory, because special relativity states that time slows down and distances shrink for travelers approaching light speed.
(6) This course covers Newtonian mechanics, special relativity, gravitation, thermodynamics, and waves.
(7) Historically speaking, special relativity grew out of classical electromagnetic theory and experiments inspired by it.
(8) There is certain limitation in Special Relativity ( SR ) .
(9) How was Albert Einstein's work on special relativity transitional between classical and modern physics?
(10) Special relativity and quartum mechanics were two major theories that appeared subsequently.
(11) Special relativity is all about high - velocity motion.
(12) Special relativity doesn't account for gravity, but it can deal with accelerations.
(13) This paper shows that special relativity theory cannot negate that the real motion faster than the speed of light would be existent.
(14) Michelson and Morley had sounded the prelude to special relativity.
(15) The creation of special relativity.
(16) A final paragraph for the benefit of a reader with some knowledge of special relativity.
(17) In addition the metric of the frame in free fall is locally that of special relativity.
(18) Tesla stated that there was no energy in matter other than that received from its environment: he did not accept the mass-energy equivalence as delineated by special relativity.
(19) Outlined first by James Clerk Maxwell and then by Albert Einstein in his theory of special relativity(, much of modern physics relies on the idea that nothing can travel faster than light.
(20) Had A. Einstein known Michelson-Morley Experiment before he created the special relativity?
(21) Besides the principle of relativity and the postulate of that the speed of light is invariant, the third postulate, the transformable postulate( relativity.html), is found in Einstein's special relativity.
(22) Class ends a question - and - answer period on a variety of topics in Special Relativity.
(23) Space travel therefore would be impossible if we're looking at the special relativity.
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