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Spanning tree in a sentence

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31. The concept of minimum spanning tree is introduced and its limitation is analyzed.
32. This paper narrated and proved an minimal spanning tree algorithm which requires no consideration of circles.
33. Based on spanning tree algorithm that is suitable to data fusion, the principle and features of Minimum Cost Spanning Tree (MCST) is analyzed.
34. The phylogenetic analysis of microarray data generated a minimum spanning tree that depicted the population structure of the 174 strains.
35. The bridge with the lowest priority will be elected as the root bridge. The root bridge is the "central" bridge in the spanning tree.
36. The integer program model of minimal spanning tree was built up by the concepts of root and level of node in LINGO. There are particular notes to the difficulties of the model.
37. A new real-time reconfiguration approach for large-scale distribution system, based on the minimum spanning tree algorithm and the switch exchange method, is presented.
38. We have developed a methodology to quantitatively study tumor cell heterogeneity from a topographical point of view through the concept of a minimal spanning tree graph.
39. This paper discusses how to solve Degree- constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problems by means of genetic algorithm and gives a relative algorithm .
40. Virtually the only concept to be used is that of a spanning tree.
41. Level diagram example shows the practicality and effectiveness of the construction theorem and counting theorem, which is a simple and easy method to construct a complete graph of the spanning tree.
42. Use a minimum spanning tree (MST) algorithm for the initialization. This is the default.
43. This procedure give a more accurate representation of the intra-market structure than the commonly used method of constructing minimal spanning tree from the unfiltered correlation matrix.
44. At the same time, two new algorithms which are lustful algorithm and the method of modifying the minimal spanning tree are presented.
45. The shortest path problem of network is abstracted to a minimum spanning tree problem and the limitations of the minimum spanning tree are analyzed.
46. The eco logical similarity of weeds was also analysed by the minimal spanning tree method of fuzzy graphy theory based on their niche overlaps.
47. It is assumed that the routing topology representing all the paths from one routing group to all other routing groups is a spanning tree.
48. A numerical classification on the genus Salix of the Chinlin and the construction of minimal spanning tree.
49. In order to lower the scale of the problem and shorten the running time of algorithm( tree.html), we propose a problem-dividing method based on minimum spanning tree to solve the TSP.
50. Algorithm design and analysis of the classic procedure, mainly 0-1 knapsack problem , such as minimum spanning tree.
51. By means of the two methods, the minimum spanning tree can be got directly without drawing the original web graph, which can effectively decrease the inconvenience of the traditional methods.
52. The two algorithms for finding the minimal spanning tree of an undirected weighted graph are PRIM algorithm and KRUSKAL algorithm.
53. In this paper, considering the cost of the node degree, a Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree modal is presented.
54. The smallest connection problem is widely used in network optimization. The key of solution is to find a minimum spanning tree with rapid and effective algorithm.
55. Evidently, the graph must be connected in order to contain a spanning tree.
56. Heap is an important binary tree structure often used in applications concerned with priority queues and partial ordering such as Sorting, Shortest Paths, Task Schedule, and Minimum Spanning Tree.
57. While the result of Minimum spanning tree suggested evolution relationship of different plague natural foci.
58. The experiment results show that it is effective on solving Degree- constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
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