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Source program in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2019-08-01Updated:2019-08-01
Similar words: space programservice programmaintenance programreprogramlive programgame programpreprogrammedreprogrammingMeaning: n. a program written in a language from which statements are translated into machine language. 
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1 An assembler or a compiler reads a complete source program and generates a complete object module.
2 Addresses in the source program are generally symbolic ( such as count ).
3 Being a special compile tool,( the source program of LEX is simple. The compiled lexical analyzer constructed by LEX has high efficiency.
4 COC ++ compiler translates the C ++ source program into C target program.
5 And correlative source program was given out.
6 The source program and the object program in a computer program shall be an identical work.
7 Only a compiler reads, translation and executed in source program line program.
8 The language translator translates source program to their machine language equivalents.
9 The interpreter converts your source program into object code as it is needed.
10 Compiler is a program that translate a source program into an executable program ( an object program ).
11 Translation of a source program into an executable program ( an object program ).
12 An assembler or a compiler reads a complete source program and generates a compete object module.
13 To modify an object program without recompiling the source program.
14 This listing is provided immediately after a source program has been assembled.
15 A translator is a program which translates a source program into an equivalent object program.
16 Here source program has nearly covered the numerical analysis aspects[], is the very good study material.
17 Inarticle final produced has used the severance way realization the digital clock source program.
18 The computer software reverse engineering is refers to through instead promotes its corresponding source program to the computer software's target program analysis the process.
19 This system is based on an integrated programming environment, in which BASIC source program can be established through a syntax-directed editor and compiled by an incremental compiler.
20 Taking a working way of scanning line after line and the words drifting from down to top as an example, provided the flow chart and assemble language source program, made the detailed note as well.
21 Briefly CRC algorithm theory, The C language approach to solving operations, and written the source program in C language.
22 The paper tells the telemaintenance for optical disk database on library homepage using ASP technique, and gives the steps of the process and source codes of source program.
23 CHAR is a global variable which will always hold the source program being scanned.
24 Gobang man-machine to war, this is a section can calculate superiorly walks the law or superiorly the walking method source program, very good.
25 A used c ++ Prepared to print the paper size set source program.
26 Not to be outdone, Yahoo followed in November announcing an open source program aimed at advancing the research and development of systems software for distributed computing.
27 Object code ( Object language ): Machine code , as translated from a source program.
28 Often all the locations in a data area have the same scope in the source program.
29 This paper gives a method and implementation techniques to transform source program to structured flowchart (PAD diagram). And they have been applied to transforming tool IPADT system.
30 Graphics can be selected to fill any color, a very useful source program DELPHI.
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