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Sodium carbonate in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2018-01-04Updated:2018-01-04
Similar words: calcium carbonatecarbonatecarbonatedbicarbonatesodium chloridecarbonationcarbonarasodiumMeaning: n. a sodium salt of carbonic acid; used in making soap powders and glass and paper. 
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1. Calcium permanent hardness requires the more expensive sodium carbonate, whereas magnesium permanent hardness requires both lime and sodium carbonate.
2. Nonionic surfactant, sodium carbonate, Sodium MetaSilicate.
3. High temperature reaction of quartz, alumina, kaolin and sodium carbonate was examined.
4. The determination method of molybdenum and sodium carbonate content in sodium molybdate was proposed.
5. In the light of that sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and their intermixture inhibit hydrolysis of magnesium chloride in mixed salt, it is rational to inject sodium hydroxide in crude processing.
6. Breadcake: wheat powder. fine palm oil. salt. sodium carbonate. potassium carbonate. vitamin B 2. gardenia.
7. The reductive extraction method of bastnasite baked by sodium carbonate and low acidity HCI leaching for making rare earth chloride is reported.
8. It is a new process that using sodium carbonate decahydrate develope sodium percarbonate. Its'technoligic condition and economic feasibility is studied.
9. Examples are sodium carbonate and potassium acid phthalate which are to standardize acid and base solutions.
10. Diglycol allyl percarbonate is synthesized by diglycol, sodium carbonate, chloropropene and carbon dioxide.
11. Zeolite-softened water may be quite alkaline because it contains substantial quantities of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate.
12. The problem was not helped by each lab having its own preference for the indicator to be used with sodium carbonate.
13. For example, at elevated temperatures, sodium bicarbonate decomposes and releases carbon dioxide and leaves sodium carbonate as mentioned earlier.
14. Meanwhile, we also provide you trisodium phosphate, alkali protease , Sodium carbonate , sodium sulphide and bicarbonate, etc.
15. Methods:To substitute "the trinitrophenol test paper" into" the trinitrophenol test paper wetted by sodium carbonate test solution" on the method of identification.
16. The catalyst carrier for biomass pyrolysis was prepared by red mud(, ash and anhydrous sodium carbonate.
17. It is synthesized from alkyl-phenol-polyoxyethylene ether, sodium gluconate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium sulfate, defoaming agent and penetrant.
18. High alkyl sulfate, non-ionic surfactant, sodium metasilicate , calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate.
19. A solidification matrix includes a straight chain saturated carboxylic acid salt, sodium carbonate, and water.
20. A method of producing crystal sodium fluoride with sodium fluosilicate and sodium carbonate is introduced.
21. Due to somewhat higher chloride in cobaltous carbonate prepared by cobaltous chloride and sodium carbonate, its application is
22. Calcium silicate slag is the residue from sinter of fly ash with lime stone after alumina extracted by solution of sodium carbonate.
23. A reacting dynamics has been studied, which is about the reaction of the low-grade roasted molybdenite leached with sodium carbonate solution.
24. Results indicated that the dissolving process of lac resin in sodium carbonate was an acid-base reaction in a zero grade mode.
25. The technical conditions, method and effecting factors of synthesizing nanometer calcium carbonate by using the calcium chloride and sodium carbonate as Weenie latex is mainly described.
26. In this paper, the quality of the manual noodle such as the amount of water, salt, sodium carbonate and phosphate monoester starch were mainly studied.
27. A method of producing crystal sodium fluoride with sodium fluosilicate and sodium carbonate is introduced. And its optimal operations are described in detail.
28. Taking the calcium bentonite clay as raw material, the organic bentonite clay was prepared by CTMAB after the sodium transition of sodium carbonate.
29. Methylene chloride was used as extractant in the extraction of condensed liquid and 3% sodium carbonate solution was used in acid separation.
30. This paper preliminary studied the ammonium phosphate type and sodium carbonate type SFPEA by the system.
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