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Slice through in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2020-05-16Updated:2020-05-16
Similar words: glance throughpierce throughthrough and throughsee throughsee-throughcome throughvote throughmove throughMeaning: v. move through a body or an object with a slicing motion. 
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1. The blade's so sharp it could slice through your finger.
2. You slice through the work force like a hot knife through butter.
3. But everything fell apart and Shields began to slice through a non-existent home midfield.
4. Laser fire began to slice through the crippled purestrain.
5. "The Solar Probe will literally slice through a bit of the Sun's atmosphere, and that's never been done before, " he said.
6. It will use undersea robots to slice through the damaged pipe to make a clean cut that can be connected to another pipe, capturing the leaking oil.
7. Or they should seek to slice through the entanglements, cordoning off the dangerous bits.
8. Stroke by stroke, the larvae slice through the tough layers of skin.
9. Archers have lighter arrows, canoeists slice through the water with narrower hulls, cyclists have drag-busting skinsuits with pressure points to speed the flow of oxygen to muscles.
10. The thin air proved to be easy to slice through.
11. New more aerodynamic bodywork is designed to slice through the atmosphere cleanly at speed, and to look even better doing it.
12. The flouncy fish gets particularly huffy about serrated edges, which tear rather than slice through its delicate flesh.
13. Toast on both sides under a grill, then carefully slice through horizontally, using a sharp thin-bladed bread saw.
14. Madeleine picked up a pair of pinking shears and began to slice through the material.
15. Ripples on the leading edge of humpback fins help the whales slice through water with grace and dexterity.
15. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
16. To read the stored data, a low-powered red laser is shone slice by slice through the cuvette.
17. Known as the Stingray, the device uses conventional military explosives to craft a blade of water sharp enough to slice through a metal bomb and scramble its innards.
18. bananas and melons, can be as risky as those you eat whole--because bacteria on the surface can be transported inside by a knife when you slice through it.
19. With nothing to do, and stranded on Coruscant during an Imperial siege, Ghent went to work with the New Republic crypt staff to slice through the Imperial battle encrypt code.
20. After failing to block the leaking well with mud, BP is now to try remote-controlled robots. They'll try to slice through a broken pipe and fit a device to transfer the leaking oil to the surface.
21. The capital is flat, most main streets have bike lanes, and bicycles (called zi xing che, "self driven transport") are practical, cheap, green and slice through the perpetual gridlock.
22. Glazed segments wrap around the building's exterior while intersecting bands of lighting slice through the ceilings of the interior.
23. We also anticipated that it would show a shallow slice through the whole system to demonstrate workflow, usability issues, and interoperability between over-the-shelf (OTS) components.
24. Of course, r goes all around the z axis, but I'm just doing a slice through one of these vertical half planes, fixing the value of theta.
25. While another features a bend of green light following the curvature of the earth and almost appearing to slice through the starry sky.
26. Governments should purge banks that are big enough to hold the system to ransom. Or they should seek to slice through the entanglements, cordoning off the dangerous bits.
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