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Single layer in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2022-04-20Updated:2022-04-20
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1 Cover the base with a single layer of sponge fingers.
2 Pack in a single layer, overwrap and freeze.
3 Refrigerate decorated cookies in a single layer.
4 Cover a flat piece of hardboard with a single layer of flannelette of similar material.
5 Arrange meat in a single layer on a roasting rack and place in preheated oven.
6 Spread out to a single layer. Place in oven and bake 12 minutes.
7 The epidermis forms a continuous single layer of cells.
8 Interfascicular cambium A single layer of actively dividing cells between the vascular bundles in stems.
9 Transfer manicotti to the dish in a single layer; cover with remaining 1 1/4 cups tomato sauce, and sprinkle with Parmesan.
10 The glands are lined by a single layer of (flat to) uniform cuboidal epithelial cells and completely invested by a basement membrane (TC with no BM ).
11 And the single layer firebreak forest on upper mountain ridges showed the least fire retardant efficiency.
12 A single layer of cells called the endothelium lines the walls of every blood vessel in the body. Along with a layer of elastic tissue, the endothelium comprises what is called the intima.
13 The paper introduces a new kind of single layer A. C. winding and compares its characteristics with traditional single layer winding.
14 The basal components: X - joints and single layer ellipsoid reticulated shell were analyzed.
15 Grid shell is a new type of single layer latticed shell, especially suitable for glass roofs.
16 The results indicated that suitable single layer film thickness has good effects on the(200) preferred orientation and ferroelectric properties of film.
17 Simple cuboidal epithelium is a single layer of cells whose width and height are approximately equal.
18 Place in a small,( shallow baking dish in a single layer.
19 Analysis was confined to those crypts whose entire lengths could be completely visualised and which contained a single layer of cells only.
20 The follicle, in the shape of a sphere, is lined with a single layer of epithelial cells.
21 Add the peanut oil, then add the dumplings, pleated edge up, in a single layer.
22 It's created by spraying carbon nanotubes - tiny tubes of carbon atoms where the walls are a single layer of carbon - onto silicone.
23 Method:They added radioactively labeled LDL to culture dishes containing a single layer of fibroblasts derived from either FH-afflicted or normal human subjects.
24 They added radioactively labeled LDL to culture dishes containing a single layer of fibroblasts derived from either FH-afflicted or normal human subjects.
25 Reservoirs had the characteristics of narrow oil-bearing belt, small thickness of single layer, small fault growing, small fault blocks and unconsistance of oil-water interface.
26 In this thesis, Have made PP intercalate lays of OMMT and exfoliated OMMT into a single layer of slices through melting intercalation, realized the complex on a nanometer of yardstick of PP and OMMT.
27 Now, we have exact duplicate of the image in one single layer.
28 SAW(surface acoustic waves) gyroscope is passive, wireless and has single layer level structure.
29 In both types of feather, the barbules that extend from the barb ramus grow from a single layer of cells, called the barbule plate, on the periphery of the barb ridge.
30 The electrical potential, field and carrier density in emission layer of single layer organic light-emitting devices are numerically studied based on the trapped charge limited conduction theory.
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