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Simultaneous equations in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2019-10-09Updated:2019-10-09
Similar words: simultaneous equationsimultaneous translationsimultaneoussimultaneouslysimultaneously withsimultaneityspontaneous generationsimulation softwareMeaning: n. a set of equations in two or more variables for which there are values that can satisfy all the equations simultaneously. 
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1. I could never do simultaneous equations.
2. The simultaneous equations for the solution of static driving moments and dynamic driving moments are deduced.
3. Some combinations of simultaneous equations for obtaining lattice constants of low-symmetry crystal systems can lead to a serious accumulation of errors and the formation of abnormal state equations.
4. One type of variable coefficient macroeconomics simultaneous equations model is proposed, and its two stage local linear estimators are established.
5. Objective Economic simultaneous equations of military hospital logistics were set up to get the measures of enhancing the socializing quality.
6. In this paper a set of simultaneous equations is derived.
7. By building the simultaneous equations of real estate supply and demand, this article analyzes how the floating funds effect on the supply and demand and then pull the house price rising.
8. The third is present simultaneous equations in order to obtain G1 continuous considering the continuity between two triangular patches and the fitness rules.
9. Simultaneous equations describing the dynamic behavior of drop departure were derived from the mechanical equilibrium. Analytical solution is presented for the departure diameter for no wind case.
10. By simple tensor techniques, a large amount of simultaneous equations are solved successfully.
11. The above system of nonlinear simultaneous equations is solved in order to arrive at the flow rates, density, and water-cut.
12. Simultaneous equations model plays an important role in making economic policies, analyzing economic structure and forecasting.
13. The article presents a simultaneous determination method for three kinds of water-soluble dyes: acid red, acid brown and acid black by solving simultaneous equations using a UV-VIS spectrophotometer.
14. The calculation can use two different ways, that is:Transposition Zernike Coefficients Method and Extended Simultaneous Equations Method.
15. The concentrations of the two components in a mixture are quantified by solving two simultaneous equations .
16. Apply the theory of pencil of conics to reveal the geometric significance of simultaneous equations of second degree with two unknows.
17. This algorithm does not need an on - line solution of linear simultaneous equations and avoids the evaluation of matrix inversion as well.
18. Due to the interaction between CSCE and auditor choice,( equations.html) this paper adopts simultaneous equations to control the endogeneity.
19. In this program the voltage and current of simultaneous faults or unbalanced power system are calculated by solving the simultaneous equations of multi-port network and of the fault boundary.
20. Maximum deformation and residual deformation are given by solving the systems of simultaneous equations.
21. The paper introduces a kind of design of axial magnetic field of focusing coil based on the solutions of simultaneous equations of particle dynamics in an electron linac.
22. Comparing with the conventional implicit methods which need to solve simultaneous equations, our algorithm has the advantages of saving computer memory and computing effort.
23. I remember as a, as a mathematics student, thinking, well, you know, where am I ever gonna use simultaneous equations.
24. Topics include statistical inference, regression, generalized least squares, instrumental variables, simultaneous equations models, and the evaluation of government policies and programs.
25. A quantitative method of hydrocortisone and chloramphenicol in Compound Chloramphenicol Ear Drops by a new solution of simultaneous equations in spectrophotometry is developed.
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