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Silicone rubber in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2021-01-13Updated:2021-01-13
Similar words: siliconsiliconesiliconesrubberrubberyscrubbersilicon chipshrubberyMeaning: n. made from silicone elastomers; retains flexibility resilience and tensile strength over a wide temperature range. 
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1. For cots, smoothing, preferably made of silicone rubber rollers.
2. The fractures of silicone rubber are observed and microscopic mechanism of failure is studied with SEM.
3. Silicone rubber is a macromolecule polymer, and can suffer a large deformation.
4. Blowing agent AK was used to preparing silicone rubber sponge.
5. It includes electrolyte membrane, silicone rubber seal ring, multihole anode plate, and free lay mode formed granules of catalyst layer between said electrolyte membrane and multihole plate.
6. The silicone rubber reinforcing filler made by us can replace partly fumed silica.
7. Foam silicone rubber is a typical porous material whose constitutive behaviors are attributed to the hyperelastic properties.
8. Furthermore, rapid manufacturing technology of silicone rubber mould also gains extensive attentions.
9. The silicone rubber foam has excellent properties about cushion and energy absorbering.
10. The effects on the adhesive properties of HTV silicone rubber to metals made use of tetraethenyl silicane and tetraally silicane have been studied.
11. Laparoscopic silicone rubber tube attachment of cap of medical instruments, laparoscopic in the high-temperature sterilization process, still can maintain good performance.
12. The research background of the liquid conductive encapsulated silicone rubber was summarized.
13. The effects of the vinyl content of ethylene silicone rubber, polyvinylsilicone oil, hydrogenous silicone oil, chloroplatinic acid on the mechanical properties were reviewed.
14. The elements which affected the ablative properties of silicone rubber heat shields were discussed.
15. The room temperature vulcanizing(RTV) silicone rubber coating on the surface of insulator may increase the flashover voltage of contaminated insulator.
16. This paper presents the development of a new type of fire-resisting cable with ceramic polymer composite silicone rubber as insulation.
17. Industrial high performance foams, fine celled polyurethane foams, cellular silicone foams, liquid silicone rubber, high frequency circuit materials, flexible circuit materials.
18. Baolong tree 100 years to do a first - class silicone rubber.
19. Finally, the results of ANSYS simulation show that the silicone rubber membrane has a good linear response.
19. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
20. The Paper Summarizes the technology development and ontlook of one component room temperature Vulcanized silicone rubber.
21. A needle - plane electrode system was used to study the hydrophobicity of silicone rubber current ( DC ) corona.
22. The effect of various recipe factors on radiation resistance of phenylene silicone rubber was investigated.
23. The vulcanization mechanism , composition , application of addition type liquid silicone rubber are reviewed.
24. Various kinds of mixes and products, based on fluororubber ( - 40℃ -- 200℃ ), silicone rubber ( - 70℃ -- 300℃ ) and fluoro - silicone rubber.
25. The effect of CeO _ 2 on the thermal stability of methylvinyl silicone rubber was researched.
26. In order to reduce the occurrence of subdermal liquid accumulating and sound-skull syndrom, we developed a novel silicone rubber artificial skull of inducing tissue growth.
27. Additional Liquid Siliconc rubber is a special Rind of silicone rubber, whichpossess unique properties.
28. In this paper, research on curing system of vulcanized silicone rubber aging tear strength after impact.
29. RP based mould making process with plaster casting technique firstly uses rapid prototype as master mold, then get gypsum mould through silicone rubber mould, lastly become the.
30. The effect of the composition on the property of addition-type silicone rubbers is especially described. The recent research progress in the silicone rubber encapsulated electronic parts is reviewed.
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