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Shared data in a sentence

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1 Cooperative application development with shared data should be possible via the open repository strategy that Informix has outlined - see above.
2 It also enables multiple users to share data, collaborate and automate tasks without writing any extra code, via Workmap.
3 Now the motive is more often to allow multiple users to share data and applications.
4 Number of slots per XENIX shared data segment.
5 Select the shared data source and then click Open.
6 Is there any shared data?
7 Program shared data shared by all Domino applications starts at 256 MB and grows by 256 MB segments as needed until the maximum number of free segments is reached.
8 Second of all, if you are using shared data, use mutexes for both reading and writing.
9 As mentioned, I used NFS for shared data between nodes for the test setup.
10 Further, shared data and security provisions must be systems managed.
11 Common requirements, similar issues, shared data, and reusable functionality all should be openly discussed and coordinated.
12 Once you modify the shared data in the spawned thread, you update the UI by calling the refresh method on the Activity object.
13 By using shared data rule sets, teams can better collaborate and share information that is essential for meeting corporate coding standards.
14 Limit and audit access to shared data ( for example, files and folders on cluster disks ).
15 If anything changes in that shared data space on any of the nodes of the cluster, it's also changed on all of the other nodes in the cluster.
16 The forces driving the integration of applications between business units also apply between enterprises, as partnerships or take-overs require shared data and processes.
17 Contention levels this high also indicate that reexamining your algorithm with an eye towards less shared data is in order.
18 Immutability also allows us to simplify reasoning about concurrency and provide cheap reads of shared data.
19 Do you need concurrent read and update access to shared data?
20 Do you need to have more than one client type access shared data?
21 A race condition occurs when two or more threads manipulate a shared data item and the result depends upon timing of the execution.
22 The example identified the problem of selecting a clock reference for shared data entity program components to use.
23 Counting semaphores can be initialized to any arbitrary value which should depend on how many resources you have available for that particular shared data.
24 To realize the information sharing between supplier and demander,( the design method of shared data schema was researched.
25 Building an enterprise-wide business glossary and conceptual data model provides the foundations for getting consistent standards and rules for shared data elements and entities across the enterprise.
26 Traditional "fat client" solutions require the application to manage access to shared data at the database level.
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