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Serial port in a sentence

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Sentence count:84Posted:2018-02-21Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: north celestial poleserialseriallyserializeserial numberserial killerserializationserial monogamyMeaning: n. an interface (commonly used for modems and mice and some printers) that transmits data a bit at a time. 
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1. A second serial port and a games port socket is supplied on a separate bracket.
2. Output from and input to the serial port can be controlled either by software or hardware.
3. If your computer has a spare serial port, I generally recommend an external unit for two reasons.
4. A serial port; a serial printer.
5. Test serial port can work in normal, good code.
6. Asm file to control serial port within another application.
7. Microprocessor communicates with supervisory computer through RS232 serial port.
8. Writes data to the serial port output buffer.
9. Serial port and interrupt subroutine, the friends may be more useful for beginners, has been tested OK!
10. Click Autodetect on both wizards to select the serial port setting.
11. Using the serial port to send data to realize programmable gain settings and using the GPIO port to set the low-pass filter's cutoff frequency.
12. As its name suggests, the serial port profile defines RS-232 serial-cable emulation for Bluetooth devices.
13. Using the second serial port of the controller to connect the RS-485 network, the fuction of the system was extended.
14. All virtual serial ports will be able also to send data to real serial port.
15. PC, the main serial port, universal serial auxiliary automated test programs.
16. Here you should choose the serial port you connect the camera to.
17. The program for the computer through the serial port to send AT commands, and MODEM connection.
18. The only interfaces that are almost universally supplied as standard are the parallel port and the serial port.
19. A modem can be fitted to your computer internally or attached externally via a serial port.
20. And then the data was transmitted through the virtual serial port to supervisory computer.
21. The working mechanism of data radio transceiver is introduced briefly, which communicates with computer serial port via RS - 232 and adopts four - wire half duplex mode.
22. In most cases, any DEVICE you connect to the serial PORT will need the serial transmission converted BACK to parallel so that it can be used.
23. A general-purpose computer that communicates with the target via a serial port or network
24. Allows access to USB devices do not like the serial port parallel port of convenience.
25. An external modem can be attached to a standard RS-232 serial port.
26. Through the A/D channel analog acquisition and digital signal into, and then through the serial port is sent to the PC, the PC machine can see the sampling results.
27. It is composed of the microprocessor system and a serial port controller. The software is divided into main program and interruption program.
28. If transmission line occurs fault, the system is started, then transmits the acquired fault point data to PC by USB serial port in order to process.
29. Some literatures have shows the method of serial communication with multi-thread technology, but multi serial port parallel communication is little referred to.
30. This example sends a string to the COM 1 serial port.
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