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Send data in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2023-10-18Updated:2023-10-18
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1 Our analysis is based on the 17 maternity units that sent data from 1985 until 1989 without interruption.
2 To send data from one place for reception elsewhere.
3 To send data to all the devices on a network, a broadcast address is needed.
4 A request to send data to the computer running IIS has failed.
5 The standard input file provides a way to send data to a process.
6 Using the serial port to send data to realize programmable gain settings and using the GPIO port to set the low-pass filter's cutoff frequency.
7 To send data from one place and to receive the data at another place.
8 Will the client still be able to send data to the server and why?
9 Leak-test : Leak-tests attempt to send data to the Internet server, this is called leaking.
10 A data queue object is used to send data from one program to another.
11 The farther you send data over a WAN,( the more it costs.
12 The device can send data faster than 10 megabits per second, which is the speed of a typical broadband connection, by altering the frequency of the ambient light in the room.
13 A piece of communication equipment used to enable computers to send data to and from each other.
14 The conc eption of PRI is introduced to harmonize the conflict among function models, w hi ch scrabble for the right to send data by network.
15 The use of asynchronous data transfer requires an excessive number of buffers to send data over a TCP/IP connection.
16 Starting today, Current Cost will allow its users in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand to send data about their power consumption directly to Google PowerMeter.
17 I hope Anti - hacker can STOP any try to send data to internet s program.
18 All virtual serial ports will be able also to send data to real serial port.
19 Biotelemetry, which was developed to monitor the temperature, brain-wave activity, breathing rate(, and heartbeat ...Biosensors attached to the body send data by wire or radio.
20 Computing, once tied to desktops, is increasingly carried out on pocket-sized devices or so-called cloud services that manage corporate operations and send data to mobile users.
21 Multihoming is one of the most important features in SCTP, which can be used by the data sender to send data to a receiver through different paths.
22 Anti - hackers function should check all try to send data to internet s program.
23 ABM operates at the Systems Network Architecture data link control level and allows devices to send data link commands at any time.
24 The quickest path problem is to find a path to send data from the source to the destination with minimum transmission time.
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