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Semantic meaning in a sentence

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1. I'll take a closer look at the semantic meaning and relation of these application exceptions (in the context of WSDL) when I describe JAX-RPC exception handling.
2. In semantic meaning, the main errors are semantic ambiguity and Sentence formal error.
3. The semantic meaning of a sentence is governed by rules called selectional restrictions.
4. It has specific functions of semantic meaning and form. Moreover, the semantic unit of Causality Sentences doesn't coincide with the grammatical unit.
5. Meaning includes semantic meaning and pragmatic meaning.
6. The article attempts to expound the importance of semantic meaning in word learning from the angle of the semantic relation of word.
7. However, they will add extra semantic meaning.
8. Since XML does not attach any semantic meaning to its labels, applications are free to interpret them as they see fit.
9. The images have a semantic meaning, communicating information to the viewer and user of the respective web or software application.
10. We can not accept its semantic meaning when it was disseminated from western countries to China except its form. As a logical paradox contradiction, self-contradiction is universal.
11. Second, there are two aspects to sentence meaning: grammatical meaning and semantic meaning.
12. By developing your application in this way, your page will have more semantic meaning, as it is more likely to use HTML elements for their intended purpose.
13. This is not only a bad modeling practice, it also changes the semantic meaning of the model because it adds additional business items and duplicates inputs and outputs of the activities.
14. Alternatively, the RTLS provider can also provide that data in the form of location information with semantic meaning, such as in the form of a zone or room identified by name.
15. However he added that Linked Data "does not by itself add any semantic meaning to the information, but it better carries that semantic information once you have it.
16. A defined set of messages, each including a related set of the previously defined types, elements and attributes structured to provide a business document with a specific semantic meaning and context.
17. However, this is where using the correct XHTML element to provide semantic meaning to the content really reaps some rewards.
18. We classify English and Chinese compounds and point out the differences in word structure and semantic meaning generation.
19. The valency of Chinese verbs is a syntactic category with a powerful ba se of semantic meaning. It also has a thorough cognitive cause.
20. According to cognitive semantics, semantic extension is a process from the basic semantic meaning to other meanings through metaphor,( meaning.html) metonymy or other cognitive means.
21. This is much more powerful than stereotyped dependencies that have no supported semantic meaning or the loose semantics of use case realizations.
22. Then the paper makes an analysis on the match condition of the structure from semantic meaning, grammar and pragmatics.
23. DATALINK provides access to external resources, or URLs, while the BOOLEAN type is logically equivalent to the BIT type, but adds semantic meaning.
24. These are business-owned policies, but they have nothing to do with satisfying the semantic meaning of the request.
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