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Secondary winding in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2021-11-14Updated:2021-11-14
Similar words: primary windingsecondary industrysecondarysecondary datasecondary coilsecondary cellsecondary colorsecondary sourceMeaning: n. coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil. 
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1. The excitation characteristic of secondary winding of current transformer is the key factor to transformer performance and the quality of secondary winding directly influences that of the quality.
2. The secondary winding offering the 110,220V voltage is used for power supply to operation machine.
3. The paper analyses the current transformer(CT) that secondary winding possesses casing tap, and its secondary connector wiring fault's influence on the CT changing rate.
4. In using, the secondary winding can not be short - circuited or operating over - load.
5. The testing voltage of the secondary winding of transformer has to be 80% stipulated testing voltage while repeated power frequency voltage with-stand test needed.
6. Situated within the coil's primary winding is the secondary winding.
7. There should be no short circuit at the secondary winding for a voltage transformer, or the voltage transformer would be damaged.
8. It is composed of a primary winding, secondary winding and core of soft iron.
9. Ignition coil secondary winding. Has a high voltage (40,000 V or more) induced in it each time the primary magnetic field collapses.
10. Two sub-windings of secondary winding, capacitor and centrifugal switch are serially connected and then to external power supply.
11. The flux links the second coil, called the secondary winding or simply secondary.
12. The waves of electromagnetism, cutting across the secondary winding , cause electrons to flow in the secondary.
13. Therefore, the secondary winding of transformer extracts harmonic energy without fundamental reactive power, which becomes applicable fundamental frequency power via frequency converter.
14. One ends of the capacitors are commonly connected to a secondary winding of the transformer, and the other ends thereof are connected to the respective fluorescent lamps.
15. A magnetic conducting ring made of soft magnetic steel surrounds the end ring of rotor and there is a secondary winding on the magnetic conducting ring.
16. Copper losses are the resistive heating losses in the primary and secondary winding of the transformer.
17. This paper proposes a method to detect the location of stator ground fault for a generator, whose neutral is grounded via the distribution transformer with a parallel resistance at secondary winding.
18. Each of the two medium - voltage buses is supplied from a separate auxiliary transformer secondary winding.
19. The output transformer sums these oppositely-phased currents to produce the output waveform in the secondary winding.
20. The High Tension (HT) voltage is produced by mutual induction between the primary winding and the secondary winding[ winding.html], and the central soft iron core intensifies the magnetic field between them.
21. If the primary current of the transformer flows into the dotted end of the primary winding , the sencondary current will flow out of the dotted end of the secondary winding .
22. When the motor runs in four-pole mode, it is started at two-pole mode and taps A2 and A4 are then connected together. In the meantime secondary winding is open.
23. A method is validated through experiments that can decrease the maximum interturn voltage which may be very helpful to insulation design of PT's secondary winding.
24. The harmonic compensation currents proportional to the harmonic current in the primary winding, which is detected real-timely, are injected to the multiple secondary winding of the transformer.
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