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Scientific management in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2017-09-17Updated:2017-09-17
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1 The scientific management method has brought about many changes in factory production.
2 The main focus, contrary to scientific management theory, was on individual needs and not on the needs of the organization.
3 The basis for his scientific management was technological in nature.
4 Taylor set forth his Scientific Management theories at the turn of the century.
5 We now know that scientific management had a predictable result.
6 Late twentieth-century work design owes more to scientific management than to Herzberg or Emery.
7 These antidotes to scientific management were aimed at two management problem areas, concerning moral and operational issues, respectively.
8 The practical critics of scientific management Point to the impossibility of meeting the strict demands of the rational model of decision-making.
9 Such arguments serve to remind us that scientific management has right-wing as well as left-wing critics.
10 This linking of the human relations approach with scientific management targets will provide the recipe for effective performance.
11 The scientific management mechanism, perfect after-sale service management system.
12 Lamination teaching's protophase adequate preparation and scientific management after delamination are the keys of the modes can success and having good teaching quality.
13 We plant with advanced equipment, scientific management, the quality and quantity delivered on time.
14 The Principles of Scientific Management by Frederick Winslow Taylor has been considered the origin of modem management thoughts.
15 She confines her remarks to scientific management.
16 This paper mainly expounds how to improve scientific management in colleges and universities so as to promote the cross joint.
17 Scientific management,[] completion quality certification system and omni- directional service make us win the customers from all directions.
18 Scientific management of the company, specialized materials distribution, quality construction, perfect after-sales service, and fully guarantee the quality of the decoration works.
19 Scientific The fundamental principles of scientific management are applicable to all kinds of human activities.
20 No one today, though, speaks of Taylorized factories, or factories working under scientific management.
21 Frederick Winslow Taylor, in the words inscribed on his tombstone, was the father of scientific management.
22 The second is a managerial tradition deriving from F W Taylor's theory of scientific management and his studies of work administration.
23 They ended by challenging many of the assumptions of scientific management and establishing that work had both social and psychological dimensions.
24 Look back to 1910 and the first explosion of interest in scientific management and you see field after field absorbing its message.
25 We can conclude this section then by picking out a number of criticisms of the scientific management approach to organisations. 1.
26 "Survive on high quality, in order to is it achieve benefit"operation policy of us, base on the market with scientific management, remarkable quality, rational price, service of perfection to manage.
27 From highway construction enterprise cost control, the paper discussed the establishment of modern system of construction enterprise, scientific management of raw materials etc.
28 From researching the projects and writing this paper, nuclear power plant engineering geological database is built preliminarily, and implement scientific management for the related data is implied.
29 After 20 years of development, China's family business currently is in the key growth phase of transition from its extensive primitive accumulation of capital to intensive scientific management.
30 Land resources inventory short-periodically, database building and updating is the basical task and important prerequisite of land optimum utilization and scientific management.
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