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Sampling rate in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2019-03-01Updated:2019-03-01
Similar words: stratified samplingsamplingsubsamplingrandom samplingsampling pointsampling errorsystematic samplingprobability samplingMeaning: n. (telecommunication) the frequency of sampling per unit time. 
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1. The sampling rate has been stepped up to 100 samples per second in real time.
2. However, judder from a low sampling rate remains.
3. The sampling rate of a data acquisition system ( for AC signals ) is very important.
4. Variable sampling rate tracking, which is based on nets or grids multi-sensor asynchronous fusion tracking, is an important operating modes in phased array radar.
5. For lossless digitization, the sampling rate should be at least twice the maximum frequency response.
6. A versatile multichannel file format and sampling rate conversion tool of utmost sonic quality and unprecedented conversion speed.
6. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
7. How do you determine what your sampling rate should be?
8. The coefficient optimization for the multistage sampling rate conversion is also presented.
9. Because of the low sampling rate of channels R and B, they will overlap in the high frequency region, such as region's rim, and produce artificial color.
10. Important factors include the sampling rate, the zero point of pressure sensor, and the correct calibration of sensor, The revised program and algorism may improve the precision of measurement.
11. Two sampling structures which allow afsc horizontal sampling rate are analyzed(, and their reconstructions are discussed.
12. With changed sampling rate, the variation for mean peak voltage was less than 0.3KV, while it was less than 0.03KV for PPV.
13. People always make some misunderstanding for the sampling rate and dynamic range of shallow seismograph.
14. Sampling rate and holding accuracy are two most concerned targets in designing the sample-and-hold circuit.
15. The random that can generate length to amount to 128 K with tall sampling rate is undee.
16. Due to the dependence of UWB signal receiver on A/D apparatus of high sampling rate at present, a structure of a low sampling rate receiver for UWB signals is proposed.
17. Analog signals of four channels are sampled with a sampling rate which can be adjusted at a wider region by using Z-80 assembly language program.
18. Thirdly, a family of scale masks constructed only using different sampling rate of standard gauss curve.
19. A discrete frequency interpolator is introduced to solve the problem of signal distortion caused by insufficient A/D sampling rate of digital ultrasonic flaw detector.
20. According to the frequency domain character of the filter and signal, the sampling rate matching principle of the filter in frequency domain is given in the first part of the paper.
21. Secondly, the signal denotation in the coherent video simulation system is discussed and the problem of selecting the system sampling rate is also studied.
22. Two methods of rapid code acquisition based on FFT are presented, one method is based on fractional multiple sampling rate convertor, and the other is based on decimation .
23. Application of the technology of sampling in different phase in clock circuit realizes maximum 200M equivalent sampling rate of timing analyzer.
24. A new algorithm by use of quadratic polynomial is proposed to reconstruct inrush, and the corresponding sampling rate is determined.
25. It transforms the digitally modulated signal from short words occurring at high sampling rate to longer words at Nyquist rate.
26. The design method for the efficient time-varying network architecture of the fractional multiple sampling rate converter is presented and its field programmable gate array (FPGA) is implemented.
27. Because the relation between the sum of amplitude and the sampling rate owns the character of V curve, the optimal solution will be found quickly.
28. There exist large quantities of aerogeophysical survey data, and the sampling rate of the coordinate data is not the same as that of the field data.
29. A generalized predictive control algorithm is proposed for multirate sample systems with different control updating rate and output sampling rate.
30. The results of digital pulse compression for Broadband LFM signals are influenced by the change of sampling rate especially when the sampling rate cannot be very high.
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