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Rolling mill in a sentence

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Sentence count:67Posted:2017-04-20Updated:2017-04-20
Similar words: rollingtrollingmillinglogrollingcontrolling accountroll inrollickingwillingMeaning: n. steel mill where metal is rolled into sheets and bars. 
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1) The steam hammers, the clattering machine shop, the rolling mills and open hearth furnaces are gone.
2) Why were the large new steelworks and rolling mills built in a different part of Sheffield from the old cutlery works?
3) Rolling mill equipment is a major component of the mainframe out.
4) The cold rolled coils are delivered from cold rolling mill into hot dip galvanizing workshop.
5) The rigidity of rolling mill is imporatem factor for control precision accuracy of plate thickness.
6) The first repair of R2 rolling mill housing frame is carried out during the revamp of Angang's 1700mm hot strip line so as to save capital investment and reduce time.
7) There are three gas furnaces, one each for the steam hammers, drop stamps, and rolling mill.
8) Large quantities of water are taken from the River Don for use in the power stations and the rolling mills.
9) FST production of various series of angular contact ball bearings, rolling mill also produced a four-point contact ball bearings and machine tools combined angular contact ball bearings.
10) An X-ray instantaneous profile gauge is installed at the outlet of hot rolling mill, used to measure various parameters of the hot strips fast and continuously.
11) Four row cylinder roller bearings are most widely used in rolling mill.
12) This paper expounds the shape classification of strip, analyzes the reasons why the shape wave occurs on the band steel in the cold rolling mill, and probes into the crown control of the band steel.
13) The structure of rough rolling simulation system was established based on the Baosteel 2050 rolling mill.
14) The invention relates to an improvement method of a core rod of a metal rolled tube, in particular to a hollow core rod used for a planetary rolling mill.
15) FGC control is one of the core technology of the continuous tandem cold rolling mill, and it is a complex process with the trait of multi-variable coupling and non-linear time-changing.
16) Rotary de-scaling downstream of the tunnel furnace may be considered as an alternative to the conventional high-pressure de-scalers with stationary headers located in front of the hot rolling mill.
17) Double stand reversing cold strip mill is an important rolling mill type because of its merits.
18) By presenting from different aspect the pile-up accident in high-speed wire-rod rolling mill, the article analyzes the main cause and proposes the possible solutions.
19) A simple adaptive control system was designed for constant tension of double stand revere rolling mill.
20) The dynamic simulation model of hydraulic system for width control of rough rolling was established based on the Bao Steel 2050 rolling mill.
21) The selection control system is the critical procedure in the final product line of cold rolling mill.
22) This article presents the calculating formula of the caster angle of cardan shaft and discusses principles for designing rational cardan shaft in the skew rolling mill.
23) In order to save energy and improve operational condition, the polycrystalline mullite fibre is used on the top of heating furnace in Continue Rolling Mill Plant of GIS.
24) Finally, the torsion vibration nature frequency and torque amplitude factor of a rolling mill are calculated by using finite element method.
25) This paper analyzes the characteristics of hydraulic loop system of rolling mill.
26) Roll for intermediate and finishing stands of bar,[ mill.html] wire-rod mills and section mills; stretch reducing rings for seamless-tube rolling mill.
27) For on-line fault diagnosis of hydraulic AGC system on strip rolling mill, a recursive neural network model based on NARMA was established. The model order is determined by AIC method.
28) Working condition of roller rings used in finishing roll sector or pre-finishing roll sector of high speed line or rod rolling mill production line is extremely vile.
29) The structure of rotary joint used for complete set of aluminum plates rolling mill are analysed. The detail introduction of modified structure is given.
30) In this paper, PCA and statistical control chart have been used to detect process operating faults on an industrial rolling mill reheating furnace.
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