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Reverse flow in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2022-04-28Updated:2022-04-28
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1. Would reverse flow undergravel filtration be better?
2. Reverse flow of scrubber solution into cylinder must be prevented.
3. For the hydraulic system to prevent reverse flow of flow.
4. At this point reverse flow may allow process products to backflow into the cylinder.
5. Spring loaded for fast closure, eliminating reverse flow slam and water hammer.
6. Use check valves to prevent reverse flow in to the cylinder.
7. The reverse flow and vortex can be detected at the downstream areas which cause the negative frequency components.
8. Outlet subcooling degree of reverse flow section should be in conformity with the requirement of HEI Standard.
9. Never reverse flow through a regulator or rely upon it to act as a check valve.
10. An example is the innovative reverse flow cooling system which delivers thermodynamic and friction improvements.
11. The SD 3 prevents the reverse flow of potentially contaminated water back into the water supply.
12. Requirements: Valve must be tight against reverse flow under all pressure differentials.
13. The Reverse Flow Diverter ( RFD ) is one of the key components affecting the liquid - delivered efficiency.
14. Equipped with a hydraulic check feature to prevent reverse flow on pressure reversal.
15. Use a check valve to prevent reverse flow into the cylinder.
16. Last year, North American investors pumped about $8.4 billion directly into Asian property, while the reverse flow reached only $2.7 billion,[] according to Jones Lang LaSalle.
17. Furthermore, the main reason of the axial backmixing of the liquid is the liquid backflow which induced by the reverse flow of the bubbles.
18. The check valve plays an important role to prevent the reverse flow in high pressure system.
19. Recently Atkinson cycle has been used to describe a modified Otto cycle engine in which the intake valve is held open longer than normal to allow a reverse flow of intake air into the intake manifold.
20. Purpose : To test check valve No. 2 for tightness against reverse flow.
21. Equipped with mechanical lift check feature to close valve the moment flow stops, preventing reverse flow.
22. And the output rectifier diodes can commutate naturally, avoiding voltage oscillation and voltage spike caused by the reverse flow of primary current.
23. Check valves or - way valve. For the hydraulic system to prevent reverse flow of flow.
24. Precision machined tilting disc and seat for tight shutoff in reverse flow direction.
25. Export pump with check valve, it will immediately turn off to prevent reverse flow back - pressure pump.
26. The mathematics model was established based on flow characteristics of reverse flow diverters(RFD) by the using of energy equation.
27. Suddenly stop functioning, the high - pressure water pump reverse flow back , resulting in pump reverse.
28. The variation of local friction coefficient is similar to velocity and local minimum value occurred in reverse flow area.
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