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Restriction endonuclease in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2022-08-18Updated:2022-08-18
Similar words: endonucleaserestriction enzymerestriction enzymesrestrictionthermonuclear reactionrestriction maprestrictionismrestriction siteMeaning: n. any of the enzymes that cut nucleic acid at specific restriction sites and produce restriction fragments; obtained from bacteria (where they cripple viral invaders); used in recombinant DNA technology. 
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1. Samples were digested with the appropriate restriction endonuclease and were size fractionated by electrophoresis through 0.9% agarose gels.
2. Methods:DNA sequencing and restriction endonuclease reaction was used.
3. After a restriction endonuclease cleavage, two expected smaller fragments were observed.
4. Result Restriction endonuclease digestion and sequencing showed that the modification of the sense mutation of OSCP gene can be successful.
5. The overlap extension mediated by restriction endonuclease to obtain the full length gene was established.
6. Methods: The restriction endonuclease and T 4 DNA ligase were used to construct the vector plasmid.
7. Janpanese encephalitis virus; recombinant plasmid; DNA sequencing; restriction endonuclease analysis.
8. Results The result of restriction endonuclease digestion was accordance with the anticipated objective strap size .
9. Result The recombinant was correctly constructed and restriction endonuclease analysis and PCR amplification.
10. The recombinant plasmid PET- 11D-ospC was identified with restriction endonuclease analysis and sequencing.
11. Results PCR, restriction endonuclease method and direct sequence analysis demonstrated that plasmids of YMDD, YVDD and YIDD were constructed successfully.
12. Secondly, the preamplified DNA fragments were digested by a restriction endonuclease to form sticky ends, which were then ligated to a designed DNA adapter by ligase.
13. Then, we analyzed the specificity of PCR primers through digesting PCR products with restriction endonuclease.
14. CP4-EPSPS gene was amplified from 13 samples[], but all of them were proved to be false positives in restriction endonuclease digestion analysis of PCR products.
15. In this study, a detailed restriction map was constructed using multiple groups of restriction endonuclease analysis.
16. Finally, the cloned B antigen gene was identified by restriction endonuclease analysis, DIG probe hybridization and DNA sequencing.
17. Methods DNAs were extracted from the white blood cells of people in Hainan by salt-out method. Polymerase chain reaction and restriction endonuclease was used to determine the 4533G/A polymorphism.
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